Maybe if I was stronger she'd love me?

A stupid thought but one that keeps me going,

As I run for the second mile,

My breathing cut almost completely.

Maybe when I leave she'll write me?

Foolish I know but I keeps the tears from falling,

For when I sit in the meeting full of meatheads,

Where all eyes are on me.

Maybe when I come back to visit I can see her?

But lord knows she be gone but it's the only thing,

The only thing that makes this worth while.

Maybe when its all done…she'll be proud?

Not that she cares,

Not that anyone will.

Maybe she'll forget me.

Maybe I'll lose her forever.

Maybe they'll all forget me.

Maybe this is stupid.

All these maybes and nothing concrete,

But maybe if I get stronger,

Smarter and a little more mature…

She'd love me again?