Liam, a boy of no more than 15 years old set out on an adventure late one Friday evening with his trusty dog Gertrude. His goal was to venture into the mysterious old mansion upon the hill that the local kids had always considered haunted. He was determined to prove them wrong...little did he know on that fateful night he would experience something much greater than ghosts.

Upon reaching the stairs of the mansion he took out his flashlight and peered inside. It was nothing but a black and dusty. The fine furniture had sheets over it, as well as creaky floors. In the center of the room there was a large stair case. "Well Gerty", Liam said, "let's do this..." he took a deep breath and ventured inside.

The frightened dog pulled on the leash, wanting nothing to do with this excursion. Liam knelt down and pet the dog, calming her fears and they both slowly made their way through the front door. It took a while for Liam's eyes to adjust to the darkness and for his lungs to get used to the dust filled air. Gerty on the other hand had no problem with these things and was immediately investigating every nook and cranny and sniffing everything in sight.

As he was being pulled into all sorts of directions by the pup, Liam had let his thoughts wonder. 'Why would anyone get rid of a place so beautiful? Is it really haunted? I know who would love to see this place...' As soon as that thought left his brain he found an empty door and moved closer to look inside. Just then he felt a hand on his shoulder...

Startled, Liam immediately spun around and prepared for the worst. Much to his surprise, he came face to face with the warm smile of his lifelong friend Annalyse. "What are you doing here?" he questioned her. "You didn't think I was going to let you come here along did you?" she retorted. "You parents would kill you if they knew you were out this late" Liam told her. "So would yours" she said sharply. Liam just signed and continued making his way through the house.

"Hey! you are not leaving me alone in here!!!!" she shouted, which made Liam cover his ears. "Anna, must you be so immature!?" he replied, with that she smirked "I'm allowed, I'm 13 remember?" Liam rolled his eyes and just said "come on lets start." Annalyse looked puzzled, "umm Liam where do we start?" Liam laughed at this, "we start at the beginning Anna."

With that he wrangled up a curious Gerty and began making his way to the 2nd flood of the mysterious old house. With each step they took the floorboards made a long creaking sound that echoed off the walls of the long since abandoned place. As they reached the top they saw the two doors in the short hallway. "I guess we will start with this one" Liam muttered. Before Anna could give any warning, Liam swung the door open and they both gazed into the dark room...

Anna immediately coughed. "Jeeze Liam! Warn a girl before you hit with dust" she said. Liam just laughed and continued searching the house. Anna on the other hand explored the room. She realized that it must have been a bedroom because of the obvious, a huge bed. It was beautiful. The burgundy colors etched with sliver thread. "Look Liam it's beautiful..." she whispered. However, there was no answer. "Liam?"

Anna immediately became alarmed, she wondered what had happened to Liam, and even if he was the fine the last thing she wanted was to be alone in this weird situation. She called his name a few time, her voice getting shriller after each attempt. She made herself back into the hallway and realizing there was only one other place he could be, she made herself to the second door. "Calm yourself" she reassured herself as she put her hand on the doorknob of the 2nd room. But before she could open it, she felt something tugging on her leg

She gasped and spun around and also tripped, but to her relief it was Gerty. "Thank God" she whispered. She crouched down and hugged the dog. "So he left you here too huh?" The dog just barked in reply and waited for Anna to grab her leash. "Let's go find him" and with that Gerty ran.

"OH NO!! I hate heights Liam! You know this! I REFUSE!!!!" she shirked. Liam just looked at her. "No please don't..." she said, but Liam did it anyway, the dreaded lip quiver. "Awwwww Liam! Nooooo" she whined and pouted and Liam knew in his mind she was breaking down. 'Almost got her' he thought.

Liam finally made his way out the window and disappeared from sight. "Are you alright" said Anna, "Yea I'm fine" said Liam, "Take my hand". "I'm not doing this said Anna sharply, I can't handle it". "Do you trust me?" questioned Liam. After hearing that, Anna knew she had to do it. Cause she did trust him and never wanted him to question this. "Fine, she said exasperated, but I better not regret this". "You won't, said Liam, and grab the dog too". "She has a name" said Annalyse as she scooped the pup up and slowly made her way to where Liam was.

As she was making it to where Liam was she made sure she screamed "I hate you!" because she knew she would make him feel guilty fir making her jump out of a small window. But once she got down to where he was she was in awe. She place Gerty down and looked around. It was beautiful, like nothing she has ever seen. "H-h-how?" she stuttered.

And 'whoosh' Anna a much compromised position...Gerty loved to tie the two of them up. Anna looked up and to her surprise she was on top of a very red Liam. "Ummm...I'm sorry" she whispered meekly. Liam smirked, "it's okay, but could you move a little, you're cutting off my air." With that, they both laughed and looked at each other.

Trying to hide his embarrassment, Liam quickly changed the topic "Our parents are probably going to start worrying about us soon". "Start?" Anna responded," they probably already sent out the search party". "Well I should probably get going then" Liam said. Anna was taken aback; Liam was never one to worry about consequences to his actions. But before Anna could question him about it, Liam was on his feet. "I'll talk to you later" he said "Come on Gerty" and he made his way back through the window to the door. Anna sat there stunned for a few more minutes watching Liam exit via downstairs and walk up the street to his house...

"What happened?" Anna was so confused. After about ten minutes she got up and left. She went back through the window and walked around longer. She stopped in the room and just sat on the bed trying to figure out what scared Liam off. It was then she heard something downstairs.

It was a knock on the front door. She hurried downstairs to see who it was, but as she opened the door, much to her surprise, no one was there. "Hello?" she said...but no response. She then looked down and saw a letter with her name on it. She opened up to find a picture of her and Liam smiling along with Gerty. She flipped it over to see writing. It read "These are and always will be the best days of our lives...enjoy them" Liam. Her heart melted as she returned to her room to hang the picture up. It was then when she first realized what it was like to truly be in love

The Beginning...

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