I'll Change The World By The Weekend

One-hundred-thousand "you don't understands"
passed through my hands
and I ate the fucking island.
And he wanted to know
if I could swim back.
No, not on my own. Not on my own.
And it was a pressing excuse, took all your might.
Stayed up fucking late, drank 3 boxes of wine.
Well, yeah I'm angry. Open your eyes.
I tell you, I'm moving out Saturday.
saved up for years on minimum wage.
I've had the same job since I was 13-
No, you fuckers, I don't need a fucking rhyme scheme.
Seen from your hat, you gave me that look.
Stayed up late, read 3 LeRoy books.
If the world fucking exploded, I wouldn't feel bad.
'Cause God forgave me, and yeah, I'm mad.
It said, "Oh delicious, oh divine."
I knew I'd corrupted its waters, its canyons, its mines-
where we dug so fucking deep while polluting the streams.
The bumper stickers didn't even oppose the sulfide treaties.
But it said to me, "Yeah, you're to blame."
It was the hallucinogenics, I swear.
But in its last sentence, it forgave.
"You bastards!" So I fell to the 15th lake.
And I know you'll be sober by Saturday.