They keep coming for me in my sleep,
Through willow bough and the waters deep,
They hear me crying,
Hear me weep,
And come acalling as I sleep.

They used to watch out over the water,
With beady eyes that never falter,
And gnarled grey hands that do not alter.
There the Mother,
There its Vater,
With beady eyes they watch the water.

In pretty colours that I've seen,
I've seen purple,
I've seen green,
As they press close, ever so keen,
To see me choke and watch me dream.

In red, in purple,
Gray with laughter,
In blue, in yellow,
Gay hereafter.
I feel them tearing at my roots.
I feel the cutting of their boots.

Oh little creatures, leave me be!
Don't disturb a lonely tree.
Don't you laugh and tear at me.
In this lake there's only me,
Alone on an isle, all at sea,
But if you come and tear at me,
Then here I will no longer be.
And there will be no lonely tree,
Alone on my lake, all at sea.