Eternal Cycle

When I see the first new bud high on a tree,
I tell myself, "Spring is here again,
Renewals and beginnings brought on by the breeze,
The birth of new life on the Earth."

When the sun's heat warms my face,
I tell myself, "Here comes Summer,
Boasting its bright rays of sunlight,
Seemingly eternal until it begins to fade away."

When dry leaves fall all around me,
I tell myself, "Ah, the return of Autumn,
Rounding up the last of one's harvests,
In preparation for a long slumber."

When the nights are more than half a day,
I tell myself, "Winter has made its reappearance,
A time for rest and relaxation,
As we await the new beginnings."

The seasons are an eternal cycle,
With no beginning, and with no end,
Though each has their own special roles,
It's together that they shall always belong.

– Finis –