The War to End All Wars

The War to End All Wars

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Chapter 1: The First Shot is Fired


Assassination is the extreme form of censorship – George Shaw (1856-1950)

The streets, turned golden from the sun's glare; were crowded with people of all ethnic origins. Today would be a day of remembrance, one of which would be recounted for centuries to come. This was the day that the West and the East finally united. Christianity and Muslim both respected as equalized individuals, the timeless war, would finally come to an end. Peace was at hand.

"This is squad 006, the President has just passed the 1st checkpoint," Droned in a static voice.

"Roger that." Agent Hess acknowledged through his ear set, staring off into the brilliant sun, his lightly wrinkled features overshadowed by its glare. He was growing too old for the job as a Secret Service agent, but he was the best available, the cream of the crop. He had served with the president through thick and thin, all throughout the war in the East, and it seemed his mission would end this day. Scanning the environment, he nodded reassuringly to himself, there would be no danger here, there was no way a car bomb could make it through the only entrance, and the series of apartment complexes that shut out the plaza could only work to the advantage of security, every entrance into every apartment was completely and adequately guarded. He sat back and relaxed, the busy streets of San Francisco danced about him as he beamed a warm smile. Soon, the entire plaza he was sitting on would be jam-packed with people from all over the world, but for now, it would be peaceful.


A column of black cars advanced through the streets, cruising under a dark overpass and emerging on the other end. Hundreds of people stood on the sidelines, waving flags from an assortment of nations, cheering and whooping as the cars passed by. The President, his hair now grayed from the countless worries he had encountered in the past, smiled for once, lifting the heavy frown lines he had always seemed to carry.

"They all seem so happy." He mentioned happily to the shaded figure in the front seat that was his butler.

"Well of course they are." The butler responded, happy with the truth for once, "it's a new revolution, at last, we've reached our goal of peace."

"There won't be any more fighting, will there?" the President sighed, sinking back into his black leather seat.

"No, it's finally over."


The stream of black cars passed through the urban maze with an elegance like no other, people frantically running after them, laughing and cheering. It would have taken years of government training to resist the urge to roll down the windows and just cheer back at them. The entire atmosphere, of the entire world, was one of glory and anticipation.

Yet, even in all its glory, one could not help but apprehend the countless soldiers that littered the streets. They were dispersed enough not to draw too much attention to themselves, but their presence was evident, even now, you couldn't have the United States President rolling in unprotected. Hidden throughout the bock, armed guards scanned every nook and cranny with eagle like vision.

"President has passed by 2nd checkpoint."

"President has passed by 3rd checkpoint."

"4th checkpoint cleared, we're now moving into the plaza."

The cars rolled up, butlers slipping out from the front doors and politely opening the back for the various political figures in almost drone like fashion, and the president erected himself into full height once outside, thanking his butler and staring out onto the plaza, a smile crept up his features. Hess.


"Mr. President" Agent Hess extended his hand formally.

"Oh please, spare the titles." The president simpered, accepting his offer, "come now, walk with me."

Hess nodded, shoving his hands in his pockets, the two paced the perimeter, Hess pointing to several objects as he spoke, "we've got sniper teams there, there, and there, and only the best of our U.S. Marine Corps securing the perimeter."

The president cast his eyes downwards.

"something the matter sir?"

"Well, don't you think it's a bit out of fashion?"

"Out of fashion?" Hess quirked a brow, he clearly didn't understand.

"This is a meeting about peace and dropping our arms, why do we bring weapons? It's a bad image I'll tell you that."

The two continued pacing the plaza as they articulated and Hess failed to recognize the President's intent. "Sir, with all due respect, this is something new to mankind, we can't just go around handing out our trust, it's for your own security sir."

"It's that kind of cynical thinking that always has people at each others necks."

A dim silence passed between the two, but the President always forgave, and he continued on to another subject. "So, where is everyone else?"

Hess smiled, looking towards the only car accessible entrance to the plaza, "in about, 5...4…3…2…"

As if on cue, a series of cars emerged, unloading their passengers and leaving as quickly as they came, the noise of the screeching cars was soon followed up by the cheers of thousands.


The plaza was teaming with life. People of all religions and colors stood shoulder to shoulder, all cheering for the same reasons. Peace was something that everyone seemed to want, and need. The political figures, hailing from all over the world, stood happily on the stage, leaned up against the northern apartment complex.

The scene was beautiful; the bright sun dancing upon everyone's already joyful expressions, there was not a single frown in the entire crowd, well except for one. Hess, in the past couple of minutes, he had lost any trace of confidence, he didn't know why, but for some reason he felt as though the entire place wasn't as secure as he had previously thought, nonetheless, he kept his thoughts to himself, this was a cheerful occasion after all.

He faked a smile as the Iranian Maghame Rahbari stepped up to the podium. Speaking in English, he chuckled as he spoke.

"I hope I speak for all of Iran, when I say we are happy to end this everlasting war, between two common peoples. No longer will the crimes of our two people be held against us, for we are now one, we forgive all that has been done in the past, and unite to form the ultimate peace!"

As the Iranian man continued, Hess couldn't help but strain himself over the small flutter of a window; he couldn't help but think someone was there.

People yelled out exultantly as his speech came to an end, and he handed the President a paper, as he now came to the stand.

The audience applauded the President as he began to speak.

"I hold here, the declaration, of our unison, a pen mark away, and we all live in peace!"

Everyone cheered, and from a distance, a crosshair strained itself against his head.

"Today, we will start over, and begin our lives as one!" he slammed the paper onto the podium for dramatic effect and picked up a pin, lifting it high into the air as everyone rooted.


Suddenly, everything hushed; the plaza went silent as a gunshot echoed through the plaza, leaving a mournful presence in its wake. The president fell, dead, as another ripped through his shoulder. Before anyone had time to react, a salvo of bullets darted through the air, simultaneously killing each and every one of the politicians, in one split second, the fate of the world had been altered, people ran and screamed in mass hysteria as the bodies fell limp to the ground.

Hess yelled aloud, instantly drawing for his sidearm, "damn it! Somebody get a medic!"

Now surrounded by Secret Service agents, Hess scoffed to himself, "we were a bit damned too late huh Mr. President?" he searched frantically about before his eyes met with the antecedent window, it was agape.

He turned around, wondering if anyone else had noticed, no one had. He burst forward, adrenaline pumping, "Center Command! Center Command!" He yelled into his headset. "This is Agent Hess, I need backup, send all security to the Southern Apartment complex!"

"Roger that Agent Hess," Droned in the static voice. From all around the static droned in again, sending the message to all the soldiers hidden in the crowd, "code red! Code red! This is an emergency situation! The President has been shot! Repeat, the President has been shot! All security, secure the southern apartment complex, no one without a badge gets out alive, understood? Sniper teams, concentrate all fire on that building, keep your eyes open for any sign of movement, you have authority to fire on sight! Local Police and SWAT teams are on their way, stand by for back up."

Hess, now being followed by about a dozen other men, made his way toward the complex, but the fleeing populace only abated his movements, the sound of sirens screamed through the air, and by the time he attained himself at the entrance, the squealing of tires could already be made out.

"Hold!" Hess ordered to the rest of his backers. A SWAT squad advanced towards them, all alarmingly armed to the tooth.

"Captain Price, Special Weapons And Tactics, what's the situation sir?" spoke the one wielding an M4 carbine.

"we've got a suspect in this building, come with me and search the complex, he's not getting out alive!"

"Roger that!"


Hours that were really only minutes seemed to pass by as the group frantically searched the complex, every corner was a life or death situation, and they didn't have much time for precaution, this standard bodyguard situation had turned into a manhunt for the world's soon to be most wanted criminal.

"I remember seeing an opened window, that could have been his vantage point." Hess panted.

Captain Price looked at him, wide eyed, "where's the coordinates?"

"Third floor, second room to the West corner."

"Then what the hell are we waiting for? Move! Move!"


Now ascending a fleet of stairs, the group seemed to grow with every minute as more flocked to them, and they finally reached the room.

"Treat this like a standard break in situation men, you know the drill, lets go!" Price whispered harshly.

Two men hurriedly positioned a C4 on the door, the rest taking cover. "And…NOW!" the two dashed out of the way as the door blasted through. "Fire in the hole!" a grenade clicked into the room before setting off a fiery explosion, and the team leapt in.

The smoke burned off, and everyone investigated the space with all their might, kicking over furniture and opening closet doors, they all blew a sigh of defeat; there was no sign of anyone ever being here, not even the discharged bullet casing from a rifle. It was a false lead.


"You hear that?" asked Price.

"Hear what?"

"That beeping noise…"

Everyone looked at each other, scared out of their wits, "shit! Everyone! Get down!"

Suddenly the entire room was consumed in a fiery explosion, the walls tearing themselves apart as the onslaught continued. What the team didn't realize was that there was no hope of them ever surviving, the blowout hadn't just been in the room itself, no, it was on a much more monumental scale, the fulmination had taken out the entire plaza in just one fiery swoop.


End of Chapter 1


A/N: Well, I hope that was a good enough first chapter to keep you interested, I hate when I loose my readers on the first page, it just makes writing it that much harder! Other than that, I'd like to add something. I will willingly admit I have screwed up this story, however, as of the later chapter, (after 10) I hope they are good enough to make up for my transgressions against this story.