The bond between a boy and his scarf

"Ron…Ron, my dear boy!" His father called to him.

Ron was lying in bed and it was time for him to leave to school.

"Get up, Ron Aston!" His father tried shoving him off the bed and hitting him with a pillow, "You leave me no choice."

His father grabbed a horn, held it close to Ron's ear and set it off.

Ron fell out of his bed screaming, "Dad, What the hell!"

"If you got out of bed and heard me in the first place, I wouldn't have to use this. Now get ready for school." Ron grabbed his white headband and fixed the back of his hair to make it look spiky. Ron dressed himself in an extra long sleeve shirt and long pants covered in straps. His father had driven him to school.

As soon as Ron got to school, he went to his English classroom. He had few minutes to walk around the halls and talk to other people. The only problem was that Ron didn't have any friends or made friends with anyone. People would either ridicule or pick a fight with him. So he stayed in the English classroom and read ahead on the Shakespeare play he was reading in class.

After the class was over, he was heading to biology class. A girl by the name of Shena was the lovely, beautiful, and popular girl in Explorica High SchoolGuys such as nerds, gangsters and jocks would fall before her whim. Ron saw her as a snobby, ass kissing, dirt bag that gets away with everything. As she passed by Ron, she purposely dropped her books. "Excuse me, why did you knock the books out of my hand?"

Ron continued to walk away until a gangster boy approached him and asked, "Are your ears open? You just knocked the books out of her hand. The least you can do is pick up her stuff."

Ron replied, "She purposely dropped them. I didn't knock down her things. Since you care about her things falling, you pick them up."

The gangster boy grabbed him by the neck roughly and shoved him to the ground. Shena laughed at him. Ron looked at the two and picked up her things. He shoved the stuff to the gangster and left. "THANK YOU, RONNY!" Shena replied.

She was wearing a lace pink flowed scarf around her neck and it lied on her shoulder. She was wearing a jean skirt, white stockings, and tight white shirt with a tie and wore black slippers. Ron didn't respond but looked back.

Afterwards, Ron went to the nurse to show the red mark on his neck. The nurse gave him an ice pack to go. Ron saw Shena again. Her long blonde hair and her dark blue eyes filled with sinister looks. He tried to avoid her by running in an empty classroom.

Instead, He runs into Helena. She had short hair like Ron, but the tips of her hair were down and had it was dyed pink.

"Hey!" He responds.

"Good day to you." She replied.

They were silent and looked at each other. "Sorry, I was trying to avoid Shena. She got me in trouble because I 'knocked' her stuff out of her hands."

"Poor Ron! did any of the boys made you pick up her stuff?" she asked.

"Yeah! Some white Italian ghetto kid." He replied.

Helena notices Ron holding an ice pack to his neck and she moved it. She saw the mark and asked, "Was that from the kid?"

He didn't respond and quickly replied, "I have to go to gym before I get marked late."

"I have the same class. I'll go with you." They both left to gym together.

For gym, they had to play a game of soccer. Shena and her girl groupie stayed out of the field and refuse to get dirty or sweaty. She called out to one boy and paid him $15 buck whispering something in his ear. As the kids were playing and kicking the soccer ball around, the boy that was paid 15 dollars ended up kicking the soccer ball in Helena's stomach. Ron wanted to run to her but was afraid to help her. She was taken to nurse office. Ron called out to her. He looked at Shena. He had an angry look on his face, and gave an evil glared at her.

Ron saw Helena walked out of the nurse's office holding her stomach. He went to talk to her until Shena and her girl groupie surrounded her. They were making fun of her and she started to cry.

Ron went to defend her and Shena left. Ron asked Helena, "Are you okay?" Helena was crying and rested on Ron's shoulder.

Shena came back with a group of jocks, "That's the little bastard who hurt my feelings and called me a whore."

Ron picked up Helena and started to run. Luckily, school was over. Ron stood by with Helena in the school parking lot.

One of the jock's shouted, "I'll mess you up. I'll fight you here, at this parking lot. If you don't show up, I'll hunt you down and find out where you live," replied the jock, yelling out his threat. The jocks went back inside to go for their football practice.

Inside the school, Shena was cleaning up her make-up and said, "I had a great day, messing with Ron idiot. Now he will know to acknowledge and respect me." She had a sinister smile on her face.

Ron lied down on his bed. "What's wrong with you boy?" his father asked.

"My friend and I were being picked on by Shena. Now the jocks want to pick a fight with me at the school parking lot tonight or they will be at my doorstep."

The father placed his hand on his son's forehead. He went to his closet and came back in Ron's room with a box.

Ron turned to look at what his father had. His father opened the box and showed a black, soft, dusty scarf. "I want to hand this down to you. Your mother used to wear this and that's why it looks used. She told me to hand it to you."

The father shook the dust off the scarf and placed the folded it on his son's lap. "Why did mom wanted me to keep it?" Ron asked.

"It's heard that it has special powers to protect the bearer. Stories told that a wizard of ancient times had woven scarves and put them on knight and noble men to protect them in battle. Scarves were made from materials such as the wools of sheep's, rams, wolves, cotton, leather and all sorts of materials. There was an enchantment put into each scarf. So they weren't just unique in design but with powers they possess as well. This scarf, I think, was made from a black bear fur and wolf hairs."

Ron listened on and didn't believe a word he said. He didn't want to hurt his father feelings especially when he knew about his mother had passed away. So he accepted it. His father said, "The scarf would 'keep you warm from the cold people around you' and it will protect you just as it did for your mother."

Ron left the house, he looked at the scarf with disbelief, "How can a simple black scarf help me…Oh wait…it would be useful when I'm ready to hang myself after my fight is over."

He wrapped it around his neck twice and went for his fight.

Ron arrived at the parking lot. Sitting by a fence, the scarf started moving and shaking on it own. Ron thought it was just the breeze moving it. Five jocks showed up.

"I know it doesn't look like a good fight, but you do deserve an ass kicking talking to Shena like that," said the jock captain.

"She lied to you so I can be picked on. I didn't tell her anything. She likes to manipulate guys to say she was hurt. What's really happening is that she has people doing battles for her."

"Little Ronny, You're going to be beaten to a pulp," said jock captain.

Ron looked for a way out. He tried to break through the jocks and tried to jump over a fence. One of the jocks grabbed his foot, pulling him down to the ground. The simple thin black drapes at the end of the scarf started to take a change. The captain sat on top of Ron, squeezing him. The jock had his fist ready to knock out Ron. As the fist was coming at his face, Ron had turned away.

The fist didn't make contact to his face. He looked and saw the scarf end formed into a hand with claw, stopping the jock captain from punching him.

"What the hell is this magic shit?" screamed the captain.

The hand had pushed him away. The other scarf hand pushed off the other four. Ron got up looking at the scarf hands at left and right side. "What? This can't be real! Am I hallucinating?" he thought.

"I don't know what kind of voodoo crap your doing, but you don't scare me." The captain was running back to at him as he said this.

The scarf wrapped its hand around the jock. It lifted him in the air and slammed him in the ground.

The jock rose from the ground. The other four and the captain drove off without saying a word.

Ron was in shock. After seeing the scarf attack those jocks, would it attack the person wearing it? Then he remembered what his father said, "the scarf has special powers to protect the bearer."

Ron unveiled the scarf. A face showed up with eyes that had pupils; a mouth with sharp teeth. "You must be my new bearer," said the scarf.

Ron was ready to drop it and run but stood with wonderment, "You can talk," He said to it.

"I always get responses from new bearers. Yes, I can talk. My name is Zinthread. May I ask what your name is? " it asked.

As Ron heard it spoke, it sounded like an old women; it was female scarf. He told her his name, "Ron…Ron Aston."

"You sound worried, Sir Aston. Is it ok if I call you that?" asked Zinthread.

"That is fine or you can just call me Ron. I would like to learn about you. I thought my dad lied about you being a magic scarf." He said.

"I tell you more about myself, but first you must get home." She told him.

Ron wrapped Zinthread around his neck and went home.

Ron got home and hugged his father "Thanks for the scarf," he told him.

Ron went to his room and folded the scarf, laying it on the bed. Zinthread revealed herself. Ron sat next to her ready to listen on what she was going to say.

"Now I'll explain to you. Your father told you that a wizard created scarves like me to protect bearers. Some of it is true and false. We do protect our bearers, but a wizard didn't create us. There are people called Seamtres that created us. They design scarves with sorts of wools, leathers, cottons, furs, hairs, laces and more. They also used chants to make us do all sorts of things. We scarves have ability of changing our ends to weapons like claws that like I have, swords, kunai, or boomerang. We even shield our bearers, constrict our foes or become climbing tools. Any ability you can think of, I can do."

Ron shouted out, "Flight!"

"Yeah," she slowly responds, "I can fly, and float, walk, and surf but I lost them."

Ron was confused, "How dose a scarf lose its ability?"

"When their masters die…" she replied, and continues to explain. "Here's an Example. If we were to be separated and I flew over to save you, you would die in some way and I will lose my ability of flight because the bond we grow is dead because you're dead."

"You're trying to say…if I start bonding with you and we were separated, you could still save me with your abilities. If I die, the bond between us would break, your abilities would be gone and you'll just be a fashion piece." He told her.

Zinthread wrapped herself around Ron's neck tightly, "Don't ever refer to me as a piece of fashion! Do you know how many bearers I lost, how many time I have been handed down from person to person?"

Ron was choking and tried to loosen Zinthread off of him, "I take back what I said." He replied.

Zinthread let go and fell to the floor. Ron tries to catch his breath. "Call me a piece of cloth, an accessory, or any kind of thing, and I'll cut the oxygen to your head." She threatened him

"Don't worry, I'll help to regain your abilities but it's too dark to go out," said Ron.

He placed her on the drawer counter. He changed out of clothes and went to bed.

"For someone so sad, he doesn't look depressed as his father told me." She thought.

"Sleep well, Sir Aston!" she replied.

"Night Zinthread!" he told her.