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5. Rules of Scarflet Combat

The streets of London were quiet in the afternoon until the students of Explorica High flooded out of the school. Ron and Eliezer headed to the craft shop. They arrive to see the store is closed.

"Where is he? Didn't he say he would teach us how to do scarflet battles?" Ron was irritated.

"I can still sense Parasolet is here. Maybe the door is not locked," said Zinthread.

Eliezer pushed the door and it was open. They headed inside to see a note behind the closed sign.

"Hey! If you get this, I'm glad you did. If you didn't, I guess I have to come down to get you myself. Anyway, if you do find this note, head upstairs. –Adrian. P.S: I still have a feeling you won't find this note."

The boys headed upstairs on the store roof. Adrian was sightseeing from the rooftop with Parasolet opened, "Oh, You guys found the note. Well let's get ready to go."

"We could have just walked on the street," Ron said.

Adrian walked over to him, "Naïve boy," he whacked him with Parasolet, "People can't find out about these scarves besides it's far from here."

Parasolet opened and twirled rapidly, forming a vortex around Adrian, "Let's fly. You boys should know how to get your scarves to fly or do I have to tell you."

He jumped in the vortex and it shot him to the sky. He floated with his umbrella scarf like a Mary Poppins.

Ron took off Zinthread and held her hands. He jumped in the vortex and was shot up in the air. When he got out, Zinthread tried her expansion ability and acted like a parachute.

Eliezer figured he would use Cureno's shield ability to fly. When he put on Cureno and had the shields up, Eliezer was taken in the air. He felt like he was floating in a bubble. They followed Adrian as they were all in the air.

"Hey, Adrian, Where is this training ground?" Ron shouted.

"Just focus on your flying and follow me," he replied.

They hovered over Richmond Park and Adrian started to lower himself, "Be sure to land in Richmond Park and don't get caught!" He closed Parasolet and dropped.

Eliezer and Ron panicked, "Does he know how high he is falling?"

"Ron, don't get an ideas," Zinthread yelled.

Ron gulped and let go of her hand. They screamed.

"I'll save you guys," Eliezer could see both Adrian and Ron. He summoned shields, allowing Ron to hover to the ground. Adrian, however, opened Parasolet as its span spread like a giant blanket. Adrian made it on the ground safely as Parasolet's span fell gently over him.

He closed up Parasolet and her span. He saw the boys make to the ground, with horror looks on their face. Ron dragged himself and pulled on Adrian's arm to stand, "I know you're experienced and we are just rookies…but…DON'T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN?! You nearly gave me a heart attack. "

"You tired to do the same thing. You're lucky Eliezer saved you," he pulled his arm from him, "This way…This time, don't make a sound."

They walked through Richmond Park, alongside with the lake. Parasolet made a whispered to her master. "A scarflet is coming," he said.

They stood by and saw a horn come out of the bush. A scarflet with horns across its body came out of the bushes. It hammered the ground like it was ready to charge.

"Hinhorn, settle down!" the scarflet looked back and a man came out petting the scarflet.

The man looked to see what Hinhorn found, "Adrian, Nice to meet you! What brings you here? Who are the kids?"

"Claude, these boys are here to train scarflets they found…more like, scarves found them. One with black hair and the hand scarf is Ron Aston and Zinthread. The boy with blonde hair and the healing scarf is Eliezer and Cureno."

Claude stretched over to shake their hands, "Nice to meet you two. I work as a lookout so people don't just wonder in unannounced. If I didn't find you guys earlier, Hinhorn would have taken you all out in a single charge."

"This scarflet is called a Hinhorn?" Eliezer asked, getting a closer look at it.

"Can't you tell? He is a Rhino scarf. He doesn't have the skin or texture of a real Rhino because this is an artificial scarflet."

"Artificial…so, it's an imitation?" Ron thought.

"Let's get you three to the training grounds. You boys are going to enjoy your first scarflet combat," said Claude. They all follow him and his scarflet.

As they walked, they stopped at a broad tree. Claude placed his hand and Hinhorn placed his horn. A glow came from the tree and a door open, "Get in!"

Ron was amazed, "This is an elevator to the training ground…cool!"

They all got in as the elevator door shut and carried them down.

As they reached to the bottom, there was large door and a booth with a woman inside.

"Name and business here?" she asked.

"Adrian, I reserved a training room for a combat lesson for two rookie bearers."

"Adrian! Earlier then expected. The room reserved is still occupied. You can stay at the waiting station and I'll call you when it is clear."

The lady opened the door for them to go to the waiting room. They went to the waiting station and it was not just a dull room. Ron and Eliezer eyes widen to see that the waiting room was a lovely with a shallow lake, grasslands, and trees. Zinthread, Parasolet and Cureno jumped off their bearers to enjoy themselves. Ron stood by the lake and watched other bearers playing and caring with their scarflets like ordinary house pets.

"You like it?" Adrian asked him.

"Yeah! Where did these bearers come from?" Ron asked.

"Well, these grounds act as a gateway to my world. These people come from the world of the scarflets. Not much people from your world come here. People like you, who come across a scarflet, have many questions pertaining to them. The thing is scarflets have a way of crossing to your world. However, with my situation, Possessor scarves ended up in your world so it would ruin the balance because someone intended to bring them to do who knows what."

"When we find the person who took the possessor scarves and stop them, can Eliezer and I see the World of Scarflets?"

"Sure! You probably like it there more than here, I can tell," Adrian assured them.

"I can always visit Dad, I can even visit mom's grave…but how will he take it? Helena…what about her?

Someone came to the waiting station and told Adrian that the room was free to use. He called over Eliezer, Zinthread, and Cureno to get to the training room, Parasolet played in the waiting room, floating gracefully.

The door opened to a spacious field with compact dirt. Adrian had the boys stand at each end of the field, facing toward each other.

"So how are we practicing? Other scarflets or bearers?" asked Ron.

Eliezer looked around, "I don't think so."

Ron looked to Eliezer and at Adrian, rolling his eyes back in forth, "You mean we are practicing against each other?"

"It's not a problem, is it?" Adrian moaned then he spoke with a normal voice, "I couldn't have you guys fight others bearers! The things they say about fighting…I'm not even going to say what they told me. So, you guys have each other to learn and fight from each other."

Ron and Eliezer decided it would be fine to fight each other.

"You boys are standing in a standard combat field. Each bearer stands at one end of the field. Now, have your scarflets at the field."

Ron had Zinthread walk the field and Eliezer called out Cureno to face her.

"With your scarflets in the field," Adrian came to the center of the field with a spin arrow and pushed it on the ground in the circle, "An arrow is spun by one of the bearers to see who makes the first move."

Ron looked annoyed, "Sounds easier if you just flip a coin…"

"Whatever method works! Flip a coin, pick a card, roll the dice, or pick a number! Whatever!"

Adrian remains calm and spun the arrow and ran from the field. It stopped at Eliezer.

"Kay Eliezer, Make your move!" he commanded.

"Alright, start building defense barriers Cureno!"

Cureno glowed as transparent brick barriers surrounded him.

Adrian jumped in to say, "Now that you made a move and you don't have any items you can use yet, this means…"

Ron interrupted, "This makes it my turn. Zinthread, form to a yo-yo and knock down the walls."

Zinthread ran and rolled up. She unravel and punched the again and again like a toy yo-yo but no one is controlling it. In no time, the barrier gave away and she made punch on Cureno. She stopped and saw Cureno tumbling on the dirt.

"Excellent Ron and Eliezer!"

Eliezer was unsure of what to do. He watched Cureno slowly trying to get back up.

Adrian got serious and whipped him up, "You can't be serious! Are you showing weakness? That is just disappointing. I saw when Ron was standing up for you. He didn't show any signs of weakness. Are you ashamed that you're weak? People with weak scarflets are worthless bearers! "

He remembered when Shena was attacking Ron and she had him outnumbered, "I'm not worthless or useless! I helped Ron before! I'm not weak!"

"Then give me your best shot," Ron shouted.

"I can take it Eliezer. You know me better than that. Now take me down," shouted Zinthread.

Eliezer shouted, "Cureno, Light blind!" A light developed on the ground and Cureno's eyes glowed. He grunted loudly and the light blasted from the circle heading towards Zinthread and it struck her. The light faded and she was still standing and gasping.

Ron smiled. Adrian clapped.

"You are not mad? I just hurt Zinthread," Eliezer said miserably.

"That's the point of scarflet combat. You have to take out your opponent's scarflet to win."

"Congratulation boy, you understand the basics of Scarflet Combat. On note, just because there is a field, doesn't mean you can think 'outside the box'. Battles aren't always like this. You might have to confront bearers who battles with more than one scarflet or doesn't go by the rules. We will move on to our next lesson before we are kicked out. Here is a gift for each of you," he threw, what looked liked, two blain square box. One marked R and the other marked E.

"What are they?" they went to pick them up, according to the first letter of their name.

"These are C.C or closet cartons…" he laughed.

Eliezer and Ron didn't like the names, "I wouldn't call them that. I would name them Designer Case," Eliezer said.

"Correct, I was kidding. Designer Cases are useful for holding scarflets but are limited to hold 10 scarflets. Cases that carry more scarflets are expensive. Now, open your cases."

The boys opened them and a scarf-like light danced from their cases. From Ron's, it was a scarflet with a fox head, light peach scarf body and a fox tail. From Eliezer, it was shaped like a V. It looked like a boomerang.

"Ron, your new male scarflet is Pipkit, the fox scarf inspired by a pipe fox spirit of Japan. Eliezer, your scarflet is male Woolrang, the boomerang scarf inspired by the tool made original in Australia. I'm giving these scarves, not out of generosity, because I enjoy seeing the combat I have seen here today."

Ron kneeled to look at his Pipkit. The little fox climbed on Ron's shoulder and rubbed on him like a cat at a couch, "We just me and the little guy likes me," he had put back in the case.

Eliezer looked to his scarflet as it was about his height. He put it on his shoulder and turned flimsy. When he took it off, it got stiff and sturdy like a real wooden boomerang, "it can be loose and sturdy. Now that's convenient!" he placed him in the case.

"Now we will learn about Human Involvement or H.I."

"I'm getting tired of you abbreviations," Ron said.

"Kay, fine! Get to your field ends," The boys went to the field, "With human involvement; bearers can take part in a battle with their scarflets if they choose. The scarflet has to be attached to you in some way during the battle. I prefer bearer vs. bearer than a bearer vs. scarflet. When a scarflet realizes their bearer is unable to fight, they can take the hit or both of them can take the damage together. It's the bearer's choice to be in or be out."

"A bearer can choose to fight a scarflet if the opponent doesn't want to fight?" Eliezer asked.

"Yeah, on certain conditions. Now boys to the field and choose your scarflets."

"Zinthread," Ron looked to her. She wrapped herself around his neck.

"Time for a test drive, Woolrang," he summoned him from the case and had him in his hand.

Adrian tapped the wall, "This battle is for real now. Hold nothing back. And…GO!"

Ron pulled off Zinthread, using her hand as a whip. Eliezer put up Woolrang as a shield and backed off.

"Woolrang, spin!" he threw Woolrang in the air and missed Ron.

"Nice try!" Ron laughed

Eliezer smirked. Woolrang came from behind knocking down Ron off his feet. Eliezer retrieved Woolrang in his hands. Ron got up, "Where did Eliezer suddenly get all this exhilaration?"

Ron had Zinthread in his hands and whipped her to grab hold of Woolrang. Eliezer started spinning him in his hand, twisting Zinthread's body. He threw Woolrang again, with Zinthread attached, and carried the both of them in the air. Ron felt like he was being carried but realized Zinthread let go of his hand, "Zinthread!" he shouted.

Woolrang spun with Zinthread still holding him.

"Now! Nose dive!" Eliezer shouted and showed thumps down.

He started to take a nose dive. Zinthread knew this would have hurt her and Ron and was protecting. Woolrang drove Zinthread in the dirt, almost making a crater. Woolrang somersaulted to Eliezer. Zinthread didn't move.

"Zinthread is incapacitated! Points: Ron-1 and Eliezer-2,"Adrian announced.

"Why two?" asked Ron.

"The point system goes by how many scarflets a bearer has. Points deducted when a Scarflet can't fight anymore. Once a bearer hits zero, they lose," said Adrian.

"All right," Ron picked up Zinthread and looked to Eliezer, giving him an intensified look. He placed her near Adrian so she won't get hurt.

Ron returned to the field, "You are all I've got! Pipkit!"

Ron summoned the fox scarf from the case.

Pipkit wrapped himself on Ron. Eliezer threw Woolrang without warning. Pipkit acted quick and spun hitting Woolrang, who went back to Eliezer, "Looks like Pipkit doesn't want to see you lose."

"I don't know what kind of moves a fox scarf could done. I better learn know," Ron figured.

"Since you are not moving, I'll take your turn," Eliezer took an approach instead swinging Woolrang at Ron. Pipkit took a bite of Woolrang, hurting him. He spun Woolrang in the air.

"Nose Dive!" Eliezer commanded.

"Pipkit, let go! Release!" he shouted.

Pipkit let go as his mouth glowed. Flames poured from Pipkit's mouth. When Woolrang hurt himself with the nose dive, the flames landed on him. Eliezer was stunned. The flames vanished and Woolrang turned flimsy. He didn't move.

"Woolrang is incapacitated! Tie game!"

Eliezer called back Woolrang to return to the case and shouted with fury, "I won't lose! I'm tired being underestimated!"

"Why are you being this way?" Ron asked, "This maybe be a real match but why the attitude change?"

"When my parents handed down Cureno to me, I had a practice battle. I didn't do so well. They say I shouldn't fight. It was out of my league. So, I should just heal and cure people. No! I don't want to be the person that stays away from the battle line. I'll prove I'm worth it. Cureno!" he hopped on Eliezer's shoulder and set barriers around him.

"Pipkit, let's use your tail as a whip. Maybe we can slap some sense," Ron said.

Ron ran with Pipkit in hand and whipped at the barrier to see if he could take down the shield. "This is harder than I thought. Zinthread's fist can break it but Pipkit's tail is not enough."

"Ready to be blinded? Light blind," the light under Eliezer feet glowed. Ron knew what was coming. The light came toward him. Pipkit wrapped itself around Ron. When the light faded, Ron was on the floor and Pipkit was still alive. Pipkit kissed Ron to get up and he did. Eliezer was shocked to see Pipkit put himself on the line to protect him.

Pipkit's mouth glowed. "Fire ball! Use it, Pipkit!" said Ron.

He fired it and Eliezer called for a reflective barrier, "I'm not letting my guard down. Fry you two," the fire ball bounced back at them. Pipkit caught it only to make the ball big and tossed it back. His barrier couldn't hold it back this time and the barrier was about to shatter. Cureno jumped in to take the hit as the barrier broke. The scarflet was charred and lay flat on the ground. "Cureno is incapacitated. Winner is Ron Aston!" Adrian called out.

Eliezer picked up Cureno and went to Ron with a smile on his face and Pipkit at his neck, "I don't know what came over me. I really wanted to prove I wasn't weak and I won't be in your way."

"Get in the way! Are you serious? You know who closer you could have taken me out especially with Cureno and Woolrang," Eliezer smiled hearing encouraging words, "Eliezer, you put up an awesome clash. Besides, it would be awesome working together to battle and collect scarflets of our own."

They shook hands.

Adrian clapped, "Well done boys! Bravo! Bravo! You put up quite a performance for our audience," said Adrian with a smile.

"A SHOW?" they asked. Adrian knocked on the wall and it lifted. There was Claude with a video camera, Hinhorn, the booth lady and other bearers from the waiting station. They cheered them on.

"How was it?" Adrian asked, "The battle between you two?"

"I loved it. It was thrilling, I'll say that much," said Ron.

"I enjoyed it too," said Eliezer.

"Here is a little keepsake to remember this battle," said Claude as his hand over the disc to Adrian. He marked it, Heated Clash: Ron vs. Eliezer.

"Let's heal up the scarves and head back to London before it gets dark," he suggested.

The boys have learned the ways of scarflet combat if they were to come across any bearers passing their world, depending on their purpose. Soon, the boys will come across a bearer they never thought they would cross.

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