Sam lay there in a dream like state from all the drugs that were been pumped into her body. She could feel the cold table against her skin and her mind slowly registered she was naked. Her eyes slowly tried to open.

"She's awake." A male voice told someone.

"How long?" Another male voice replied.

"5 hours."

"Right, put her back."

Someone picked her up by one arm and dragged her back to a cell. At least 50 other people were in there for the same reason. It was a small cell and crowded. There were no windows and no roof. Right now it was coming to the end of the winter period and raining heavily. Everyone naked and feeling it. Sam was thrown inside, collapsing to the hard concrete floor as she had no energy. Once the man had shut the door and gone, a couple of people grabbed Sam and dragged her to the back of the room. She lay there barely conscious thinking of home.

"...And still to come Samantha McCormack still missing, not a clue to her disappearance or whereabouts as the search for the search for the missing fifteen year old continues."

Ryson turned off the T.V. shaking his head. He was disgusted at the fact that so many kids had been going missing. It was 20 in the last month and 50 in the last 3 months since January. And not one kid had been found dead or alive. He suspected child trafficking, but how the hell were they getting the older kids away. The oldest turning eighteen next week. His name was Brian Tanner. Both boys and girls and no trace of them from all over the country. He shook his head again getting up and heading into the kitchen, making himself a sandwich. His dog, a German Shepherd called Kaiser looked up at him as he made the sandwich.

"You get fed later boy." He replied.

Ryson wasn't in the police force or even a private detective. He'd been a number of things from an assassinator to a bodyguard. He worked for someone completely different and they'd allowed him to take up the case. He also had contacts within the police force and that's where he'd gotten the files from.

He put the sandwich on a plate and took it to the table, sitting down and looking at the case file in front of him. Samantha McCormack. Fifteen years old. She'd left school at around 5pm after working in the library for extra credit. The librarian had been the last to see her on February 15th 2008. The strangest thing about this case was that she lived in England. Everyone that had gone missing in the United States. The only reason she was all over the news in the US was because someone had seen her on a flight. It was later confirmed through a picture. She'd been flown to the US, from Scotland. Nearly 10 hours drive from where she lived. A fake passport had been done and her hair had been cut and dyed but they'd later ID her from facial recognition. She was a pretty girl. He looked at the photo her parents had supplied and the one that had been used at the airport. He sighed. Maybe they would find the kid over there and it was a terrible mistake. How many more kids had been flown over from England? He knew that they were now reviewing all missing children cases over there. Slowly he took a bite of his sandwich. Something had to link all of this together. Something about the kids. Why were they going to different countries and getting other kids and flying them back. That was risky. All he could link between every case was a black van that lurked around in the upcoming days to a child disappearing. The youngest to disappear was 7 year old Jessica Faran. She'd gone missing on the 17th of December. The second kid to disappear. Samantha had been missing for a month now. And been the latest victim. Chances were slim the others were alive. Especially if they were taking other kids as replacements. He sighed and continued to go over the files of all the kids.

He headed inside and looked at them all. All of his subjects shaking in fear as they looked at him.

"Where is she?" He asked.

Everyone immediately moved to one side of the room or the other to reveal the girl still curled up at the back of the room. He smiled at their obedience. He nodded at two men behind him as they walked and picked her up by her arms. Her legs didn't have the strength to carry her so she was dragged by her arms with a small protest escaping her lips.

"When can I go home?" A small girl whispered from the corner.

"Never!" Snapped the main guy.

She started crying and he slapped her, sending her half way across the room from the strength. She lay there barely conscious.

"That shut the little fucker up." He growled.

Everyone just stood silent, shocked as they watched them drag the girl out the room, the younger one still lying in the middle of the room. When the door shut, one of them went over to her and hugged her tightly to comfort her.

Samantha felt herself been lifted onto the table yet again and strapped down. She was more awake than when she'd been thrown back into the cell, but she was so weak that she still couldn't walk. She lay there struggling slightly but to no avail as they easily had her in place. A hypodermic syringe full of some drug was soon passed over to the guy. An IV put in her other arm and her heart rate was monitored. Sam watched as he drifted over her and felt the slight pain in her arm as the needle penetrated the skin. Sam then watched the images go all fuzzy as she lost consciousness. At least they let her pass out when they did whatever it was they did. She thought.

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