happy birthday, love.

we are connected.
in mind, in heart, in soul.
like somehow, in the most complicated way,
we are one soul split, born into two bodies.

bonds stronger than the strongest steel, the strongest chain.
i won't ever let you fall,
and you'll fix me when i'm shattering.
it must have been fated, our meeting
and our friendship will never fade.
even if i'm at the end of my rope, dangling over death
or if you're broken into the smallest pieces, a victim to misery once more.
i'll always be here,
and you'll always have my back.

remember when
we were both lost in the throes of depression and heartache
together, listening to the spill canvas and consoling each other
with well-intended, soft words?
remember when
we managed to forget them?
our bond is steel-strong, bomb-proof and mistake-proof
through and through.

so this is a testament to all we've been through and all
we will in the future, together.
thank you, thank you so much,
my alter ego.
my best friend.