between the lyrics

catch the stars with your eyes
and savor it on peppermint lips;
let's run away and pluck our wishes
back from aquila's soaring wings
and spiral into our own love story-
i'll forget the past and present
if you'll forget everything but me;
let's be each other's secret sin
and put 'i love you' on repeat.
i'll capture your laughter
in a corked bottle stained red,
so i'll never be without your smile;
and we'll streak the sky with stardust,
promising eternity on our way to heaven-
let's paint each other with words,
and listen to the lyrics of our heart
singing a tune of beautiful perfection;
it's uncensored and unfiltered,
just waiting for you to sort through
the message in between the lyrics.
let's just stay this way, together,
as if we were simply meant to be.

aquila - the eagle constellation.