Promise me you'll NEVER FORGET-

That boys have cooties.

How to make cookies AND a mess at the same time

That my unicorn horn is bigger than yours.

One goose, two geese, one moose, two meese?

The faster you spin around, the cooler the clouds look when you fall down

Jumping in puddles is what life is all about

We failed colouring in grade primary because we were too free-spirited. We couldn't stay in the lines.

Juice boxes make juice taste better

That time when that person told you that thing and I went and I completely floored them and then they were all like "Ahhh!" and we laughed and then we went to that place to get ice cream.

Some foods taste better cold

Jumping in a lake in March is a lot funner with ten other friends

If you put two French Fries in your mouth you look like a walrus

That there's nothing better than a hug from a friend

That we used to stand in your living room and dance and then when we got tired we'd fall on the couch and tickle each other

Laughing until your cheeks hurt hurts less than wishing you could come over to play pretend

The disappointment of realizing we ate all of the cookies only sparks an excitement to bake more

Umbrellas are for old people

How to giggle when someone says 'underwear'

Garden hoes do not make good skipping ropes, but it's sure fun to squirt each other with water

That someday we'll make a time machine so we can be innocent and purely happy together again