her tiny body feels so frail
the ripple of her ribs caught between my arms and
her head on my shoulder;
I wish I didn't have to see the tears fall from her eyes
(she doesn't know but when she breathes, i breathe;
when she cries, i cry)
and I wish she didn't have to see the tears fall from mine.
I want to keep her in my arms just to protect her from
this vicious world that's wronged her so much;
she was only trying to survive.
is there anyone in this world that understands her?
(i know i don't, but i try)
I want to make everything right in her world
and keep her safe from this harm that tries so
hard to rip her apart and expose parts
that she can't expose; I want to protect her,
save her, love her forever --
just make her feel like she belongs somewhere
and she's safe.

I love you Casi.
Always, STIX.