Author's Notes:

I really think this idea had a lot of promise to it as a teaser fic, so I decided to make it into a series along with Animal Magnetism. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

"My name is Yui Mitsugari," I bowed to my classmates. "I love science and nature as well as sketching in my free time," I then sat down after introducing myself to the class. It was the first day of high school for me, the terrible years of grade and middle school behind me as I entered the new world of teenagerdom.

You know how you feel on the first day of a whole new school year? You wonder what friends you'll make, what fun clubs you'll join, and what guy/gal you'll fall in love with. We all had no idea that would end up being trivial compared to what would happen two days later.

But let's stay here in a much more innocent time period. That's right, high school! My friends and I had been together since fourth grade, the three of us an inseparable trio through and through. I'm the shortest of the group with semi-short messy black hair, but despite my frizzy and small appearance, I'm always ranked in the top ten of our classes in previous school years, so everyone in my class relied on me for tutoring here and there. I even made a mini-job off it the summer after seventh grade.

Ruki was our tall and flirty trouper with shorter brown hair she kept neat. She had been blessed with a prematurely stunning figure since sixth grade and seemed to get more attractive as the years went by! Boys were putty in her hands when she was in the mood, and managed to be one of the most popular girls in middle school. Last year she went through seven different relationships, and all of them she personally ended when she was bored of making out with her boyfriends.

And finally, Achika was our more down-to-earth friend, responsible and caring like a mother. She was more old-fashioned than anyone I had ever met, possessing a rather large set of kimonos that once belonged to her mother. She even kept her long auburn hair in a bun in the back like some feudal housewife whenever she went outside. Since her mother died when she was young, Achika became the head of the household and took on chores and other duties for her two sisters and their father, so it wasn't often we got to do stuff with her outside of hanging out at her home.

"Say, Yui," Ruki sat with me as lunchtime started. The classes thus far were easy for me, so I knew that I'd be back in the tutoring business again in no time at all. "Did you hear? Kenji is in the class next door!" she whispered with delight.

"What? Really?" I gulped. Kenji was the captain of the Kendo Club from middle school, and a hunk too! "You know, I wonder if he'll become the next captain of the high school Kendo Club?"

"With his skills, I give it a week before he gets the position!" my flirty friend giggled.

"Well," Achika said as she sat with us. "He'll be dealing with boys with more experience and practice, so I doubt it'll be that soon that he becomes captain." Leave it to Achika to smother your hopes with the wet blanket of reason.

"Kill-joy…" I grumbled as I ate my bento Mom made. "Well, what do you say we wait after school to watch him practice in the gym? Maybe we can see first hand how he ranks with his fellow club members?"

"Sounds like a plan to me," Ruki nodded as she munched her sandwich.

"I'll have to pass, guys," Achika sighed. "I have laundry to catch up on."

"You know," Ruki grinned. "With your responsible nature, you're sure to make a good wife, but if you don't get out more often, you'll never meet a nice guy to settle down with."

"Laugh all you want," our matronly friend blushed. "But taking care of my sisters and the house is more important than impressing superficial guys…"

"Don't bash it 'til you try it, girl!" Ruki chucked. She parted her light brown hair to the side, scratching her ears for a second. "Well, anyways, it's your loss, Achi-chan."

The three of us laughed as we ate and gossiped together, with me multitasking some short homework in between bites. When school ended, Ruki and I said goodbyes to Achika as we made our way to the entrance of the gym. Already, several girls crowded around the area and chattered as the sounds of bamboo swords cracked against one another within the building. As I pushed and shoved my way through, a phantom hand yanked me by my overcoat collar and threw me out of the crowd.

"Gah!" I squeaked as I fell to the concrete. "What was that for?!" I scowled to see the infamous Anko Roukujo grinning down at me, her ugly bleached hair waving in the breeze.

"Run along and play, little girl," she snickered in her annoying nasally voice. "This is for big girls only, ahahahaha!" she cackled as she made her way through effortlessly. Anko…Grrr….Anko is a bitch; plain and simple. Just because she's the school superintendent's daughter, she thinks she can do whatever she wants. Her voice is snidely and her attitude is mercilessly cruel. Even her lackey-friends are scared of her, but pretend she's cool just to not be on her bad side.

I shoved my way back through the crowd, staying low to the ground in the sea of ankles and calves to see the matches.

What luck! Kenji was up against a taller and older looking guy!

With a downward chop, the senior club member attacked Kenji with a swift movement, but my crush parried and managed to keep his opponent's sword in the air, then exploded with his strength to push him back. With a crack and a snap, Kenji swiped from his right to the senior's exposed flank only to have it blocked just in time. With grace and agility like that of a wolf, Kenji spun to the exposed opposite side of his opponent, freezing just barely a centimeter at the opening. Both fighters froze as Kenji withdrew.

"Point to me," he breathed as he took his position across from his sparing partner and bowed. The senior bowed in return, a little shaken by the unseen speed of the new club member.

"Waaaahhhhhh! Kenji, you're so COOL!" girls squealed with joy as they cheered him on. Okay…I said it with them too…But I mean, come on! Kenji IS cool! A lone pair of legs walked from the crowd, the other girls gasping as I stood up to see whom they belonged to.

"Oh no!" I gasped in horror.

"You're so awesome, Kenji-kun," Anko purred as she entered the mat area where our idol's match was at. She reached in her purse to take out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat off of his forehead. "You'll be captain of this club in no time, I just know it," she smiled in a false way. Anko was just trying to seduce Kenji, she's like a bitch in heat when it comes to popular guys!

"Well, thanks, Ms. Roukujo," he smiled pleasantly back.

'NO! That smile is wasted on a dog like her!' I thought to myself in fury.

"Say, Kenji-kun," she snuggled close to him. "My family has a nice little workout room at our home. Could you maybe come to my house to show me some basics?"

'NO! That…That…THAT BITCH! How dare she steal my Kenji-kun from me!'

"Well, if you're that serious," he brightened up.

'NO! Kenji-kun! Don't do it!'

"You should join us in the club. I was told by some senior members that this club is allowed to be co-ed. It's a lot of work, and you'll definitely bulk up in muscle from the hard lessons we incorporate."

"Wha-? No, I, uh…" Anko gulped. "I just figured…"

"Here, let me go talk with our club captain and ask him if-" he began to lead that snob to the back when she shook off his grip.

"I…Uh…Just remembered!" she thought of an alibi. "My friends and I are…Um…Gonna…Gonna study! Yes! Study at my place, that's right."

"Oh, well, we can ask him another time then," my knight in shining armor smiled. "Well, don't let me be a distraction. Head on home and study with your friends, then."

"Oh…Uh…Alright…" Anko sighed with a disappointed expression as she strutted off with her posse. Ha! Serves her right! Just before she left the building, I decided to make my move. I had plenty of free time and could always use a little more exercise, so I bolted to Kenji with a smile.

"H-Hi there, Kenji," I beamed.

"Oh, Ms. Mitsugari," he smiled back.

"I heard your offer to Anko, and I'm actually interested in maybe joining the club."

"What?!" Anko spun around and gawked in rage.

"Really? That's good to hear, Ms. Mitsugari," my crush brightened up. "Here, let's go talk with the captain then," he nodded as he took my hand and we headed to a tall boy talking with underclassmen in the room. I looked back at Anko and made a face at her, to which she gave death-glare like a primeval snarl. But there was nothing she could do about it. I had won.

"Captain," Kenji asked a taller boy talking with another member of the club. "I think we may have our first female club member of the year."

"Oh?" the captain turned to us and looked at me with curiosity. "A little short for Kendo…"

"Erm," I gulped then willed myself to talk. "My name is Yui Mitsugari, sir," I gave a bow of respect. "I'd like to join your club."

"Is that so?" he raised an eyebrow at me. "Why are you interested in Kendo, miss?"

"Um…" I thought for a moment. "Well, I'd like to learn self-defense of some sort and-"

"Join the Karate Club for that," he interrupted me with a sigh.

"…Uh, well, I'd also like to get a good work out to-"

"Track and Karate Club for that."


"Well, what else?" the captain frowned. I didn't want to say the main reason…I'd look like a foolhardy schoolgirl for it.

"Never mind…" I sighed.

"Captain," Kenji broke his silence. "How can you shake off someone willing to join the club?"

"Aramaki," the captain frowned at Kenji with a sigh. "We get girls like this every year. She just wants to be around someone in the club that she has a crush on. Right?" he turned his glare to me.

"Uh-! Well, n-no I just…" I gulped. He certainly hit the nail on the head.

"Captain, that still doesn't mean-" my love tried to defend me.

"Aramaki," he placed his hand on Kenji's shoulder looking him square in the eyes. "I had literally DOZENS of girls try to join when I first came to this club, all because they wanted to hang around me. You and I both know how much work learning and practicing Kendo is, so I'm sure you can understand how hard it would be for someone to learn EVERYTHING at this age. At best, she'd be a decent but low-ranked member of the club and wouldn't be much help for competitions after four years in this club IF she joined and started today."

"Captain…" Kenji gave a sigh of defeat, or rather a sigh showing that he knew what his superior said was true.

"I'm sorry, miss," the captain looked back towards me. "This isn't something you join for half-hearted reasons. Kendo is more than a sport, it teaches you patience and diligence, and is something that takes years of practice. Had you started a few years earlier, I probably would have considered you joining."

"Alright, sorry for wasting your time, sir," I nodded as I felt my heart sink.

"Now, if you don't mind, miss," the captain straightened up as he pulled his gloves on and grabbed his helmet and sword. "I've got to do some practicing. Aramaki, please escort her out of the gym."

"Hai!" Kenji bowed as he took my hand and led me back to the entrance. I was too depressed to notice his warm and tender grip on my hand as we neared the doorway, but his voice snapped me out of my trance as he whispered, "If you really are serious about what you said earlier, I might be able to give you some private lessons, Ms. Mitsugari. Talk with me tomorrow before homeroom, my class is next to yours, I believe."

I felt my body revitalize to a bright heat as my face flushed.

"K-Kenji, you mean-?" I tried to say something as I turned to face him, only catching a glimpse of him winking and smiling at me. No….Effin'….WAY…

"WHOA!" the girls awed.

"Dammit, Yui! No fair!"

"What did he tell you??"

"Eh…" I turned to the girls to see several jealous and angry faces looking directly at me. "J-Just that…" What could I say? If I told them the truth, I'd be on all the girls' hit-lists for sure.

"You insolent alley-cat!" Anko cleared her way from the crowd and picked my smaller form up by my uniform's collar. "How dare you steal Kenji from me, you mangy brat!"

"I-I'm not!" I struggled before she threw me to the ground. "They wouldn't let me join…" I coughed.

"Liar," the blonde bitch glowered over me.

"I'm serious…" I frowned. "They figured out the real reason I wanted to join and then said I couldn't. Try it yourself if you don't believe me."

"Whatever, I'm keeping my eye on you, you stray!" With a humph, Anko and her posse left the scene snobbishly.

"You okay, Yui?" Ruki asked as she helped me up. "Nothing broken, right?"

"I'm fine," I gave a sigh as I dusted off my overcoat and skirt. I hid the smug grin I wanted to wear right then because of how happy I was. Anko had no idea that I was going to have Kenji be MY private instructor.

"Just between us," Ruki asked as we headed home together. "What DID Kenji tell you?"

"Promise not to tell?" I leered at my friend. Being friends with a popular girl meant she could get me some sweet invites to parties and such, but it also meant she had social power in the school too. We may be friends, but I knew Ruki had a mischievous side that could blackmail me if she got jealous of Kenji and me.

"Not a soul. Why?" she grinned.

"He wanted me to talk with him tomorrow morning about possibly training me in some basic Kendo, IF I was serious about wanting to learn it."

"Oh, that's interesting," Ruki looked away as we turned a corner.

"Huh? That's all you have to say?" I blinked at her.

"Yeah," she shrugged.

"Wow, you aren't jealous?"

"Nope. Not a bit."

"Oh, well, that's good."


I knew it.

"However, WHAT?" I groaned.

"I got invited to a party with the fourth-years at a local dance-club that's usually VIP to get in, and I was told I could bring a friend if I wanted…."

"What do you want, Ruki?" I grumbled.

"Oh, nothing really…I dunno, maybe…you have Kenji train me with you?"

"Y-You…!" I fumed at her devious smile. "You just want Kenji too!"

"What? Dear me, Yui," my flirty friend giggled. "I just want to better my body in self-defense and learn swordsmanship. Of course, I will admit that having a stud like Kenji teach me is QUITE a bonus…."

"No," I humphed.

"OH, well then, I guess I won't let you join the 'in' list for the social pecking-order then."

D-Dammit! That damn Ruki had me by the balls…and I didn't even HAVE balls!

"Grrrr…..Fine…But don't think I'll give him up without a fight, got it?" I snorted.

"I wouldn't expect less of such a smart girl…no, scratch that, a smart and soon to be popular girl," she sweetened the compliment.

"Flattery will get you nowhere. Grr! I knew it was all too easy," I sighed before laughing with my friend.

After Ruki and I parted to our respected home streets, I kept the prospect of training with Kenji fresh in my head. And then I sneezed. And then I sneezed again. And again. And again. Wow, were fall-time allergies starting ALREADY? Nah, Kenji must be thinking about me a lot right now. Heh, if only…

"I'm home!" I yawned as I kicked off my shoes at the front door.

"Welcome home, dear," Mom said from the kitchen.

"Nee-chan!" a young voice chirped from upstairs. My little brother Yuji descended and gave me the biggest hug his kindergarten arms could give.

"Hey there, Yuji," I kneeled to his level and hugged back. "How was your first day of kindergarten?"

"Awesome!" he smiled cheerfully. "We drew pictures, and played in the sandbox, and even had cheese and crackers snacks!"

"Sounds like you had a really fun day, sweety," I gave his forehead a little peck. I stood back up as I asked, "Mom, when's dinner gonna be ready tonight?"

"In a few hours, dear," Mom walked out of the kitchen to answer. I got my looks from Mom, though her hair is kept long. I get my height from Dad, though. It's always been a bit funny to me that Mom is over eight centimeters taller than Dad, despite the fact that he's two years older.

"Okay then," I smiled back as I headed upstairs to my room. Geeze was I tired! I gave another yawn as I dropped my bag at my desk then plopped onto my bed. Since I had used some of my lunchtime to finish the minor homework assigned to us, I didn't have to worry about any for tonight. A meow by my bedside alerted me that Koji, my kitty, had decided to come into my room. "Hiya, Koji," I picked him up and stroked his slick black fur. "How was your day?" I giggled as he gave a purr and a meow in response. "Sounds like you have it made, then." I managed to laugh as I laid back on my pillow and fell asleep with my cat in my lap.

When I awoke, I noticed it was still bright outside. Hm…Had I only been asleep for a bit?

"GAH! I'm late!" I heard Dad cry as he ran to the bathroom down the hall.

"Late? What time is it?" I checked my alarm clock, then felt the blood leave my head as I saw the time.


"WHAT?? I slept all day!?" I too cried in horror. How could this have happened? And I even slept with my uniform on! Dammit! School was a fifteen-minute walk away and it was going to start in just five minutes!

"Hurry up dear!" I heard Mom. "How could we all have slept in?" she asked I looked out of the hallway to see her dressed but with bed-head and trying to dress Yuji quickly.

"You too?" I yawned with a great stretch. "Weird…"

"I'll say!" Mom grumbled. "Alright, honey, let's get in the car and I'll get to school," she took my brother by his hand and headed downstairs.

"Bye-bye, nee-chan!" he managed to wave before Mom and him flew out of the house to the car.

"Geeze…" I stretched lazily again. "Now I know how you feel, Koji, sleepy all the time," I said to my cat as he looked at me with interest. I got into a fresh uniform, not willing to be any later from taking a shower, and ran to school as fast as I could.

I wasn't the only person who had slept in on the second day. All over the school area, students were trying to make it to class in time, all running at top speed. I had set a personal record for shortest time to get to school from my house, but I failed to make it into the school building before the tardy bells rang.

"I can't believe this…I'm NEVER late!" I grumbled as I headed to the floor my class was on. Two fellow classmates and I tried to sneak into the room while our sensei's back was turned, but with a sharp spin to our direction, she halted us with a hawk-like glare of intensity.

"Outside with the buckets, now," she commanded as the three of us wilted in place and took our weighted buckets to the hall.

"This sucks…" one of my fellow tardy-friends growled as she stood between me and the boy with us. "I set my alarm and I ended up sleeping through it until ten 'til! Sheesh!"

"You too?" I sighed. "My whole family and I had that problem for some reason."

"Your family too?" the boy looked over to me. "Same here."

"Come to think of it," the girl blinked. "My parents slept in too. Weird…"

"Maybe their's a sleeping-disease going around?" I shrugged.

"Maybe…" the boy agreed in a pensive tone.

When we were finally allowed in, it seemed something was going around indeed. I saw my friends and everyone acting a little…strange…

No sooner had I sat down did I notice a girl next to me looking pale and sweaty.

"Sensei," she stood as she raised her hand, her lips smacking in thirst.

"Yes, Ms. Yuchiza?" our teacher looked back.

"I need some water…" she requested.

"Alright," our teacher waved her off. Mai Yuchiza was a girl from our middle school's calligraphy club. Despite her beautiful penmanship skills, she was terrible at grammar, so I helped her out during my summer-tutoring job. I wondered if she had some bug that was making her dehydrate quickly?

As the lesson continued, I found myself growing tired with boredom. I understood this stuff so well I suppose I just didn't need to pay attention much. I looked over at the other students to see if anyone else was acting weird.

Looking over at Ruki, I saw her face strained, as if something was irking her. I couldn't tell what, but every so often she'd flinch. It took a few seconds, but I found it was from sounds in the class. Books falling, pencils rattling, and even the tapping of the chalk at the blackboard was making her recoil. At one point she kept rubbing her ears, not just from the sound but like they were sore or something. Maybe she had an ear-infection?

Achika also looked uncomfortable, but for different reasons. It took a few long glances, but I noticed something I couldn't believe was right before me: Achika had boobs! I mean, she's had smallish breasts since middle school, but looking at her uniform's bulk at the chest, I'd say she had to have been a high B or even a C cup! When did that happen?? It looked like she wasn't liking her bust increase, though, as she winced from moving her chest up and down while breathing. Oh no! Did she have early breast cancer?

"Ms. Mitsugari!" sensei yelled my name.

"Nya!" I stood up straight, my face scarlet from actually making such a sound, even if it was in shock. After the class got their giggles out of my mew, I cleared my throat. "Um, yes, sensei?"

"You seem like my lesson isn't worth paying attention to," she glared at me with more of that hawk-like intensity. "Tell me, what phylum does the common earthworm belong to: Chordata or Echinodermata?"

"T-Trick question," I blinked as my face returned to its paler shade. "Earthworms are Annelids."

"Correct, but at least LOOK like you're paying attention next time," she sighed as the lesson continued on. Mai eventually returned after almost a half-hour. Did she sneak off to the rooftop with some boy? "And where have you been, Ms. Yuchiza?" our sensei glared at the short-haired girl as she walked to her seat as if nothing happened.

"I was getting a drink, sensei…" she blinked. She must have been getting dehydrated by SOMETHING, she still looked sweaty and pale.

"For almost a half-hour?" our teacher faced her with malevolence.

"I…I was really thirsty…And I still am…" she said in a hushed tone.

"If you're feeling dehydrated, then go to the nurse's office, otherwise don't waste my time with petty excuses. Honestly, everyone in this school is either late, tired, or dehydrated today…" she humphed as Mai excused herself from the class and we continued our lessons.

Lunchtime came and I managed to catch up with my friends.

"Geeze…" Ruki groaned with a hushed voice. "I must have an ear infection or something…My head's about ready to explode from all the noises…"

"Better that than a swollen chest…" Achika sighed with a sniffle. "My chest has been killing me since I woke up…Ouch…It's like my breasts are filled with lead or something…I couldn't even wear a bra today," she whispered with pink cheeks. "Not even my mom's old ones were big enough…"

"I guess I got off lucky," I rolled my eyes. "My whole family and I slept in MAJORLY, and," I sniffled before sneezing half a dozen times after a sudden rush scents invaded my nose at once. "I think I'm getting a cold too. I keep sneezing…" I fell face-first on the desk as my stomach churned in hunger. "Unnngh….And Mom didn't have the chance to make me some lunch…"

"Want some of my salad?" Ruki asked as she took out a store-bought salad bowl with toppings and dressing.

"Thanks…I owe you one," I sighed with a nod as I let my friend finish her half. Achika munched her meal noisily, odd since she always has such good manners.

"You're eating like a cow, Achi-chan," Ruki grumbled.

"Mmf?" our friend blinked with a mouth stuffed with veggies and bread. With a gulp she cleared her mouth to speak. "Sorry. My boobs just hurt so much that I guess I'm too distracted…I mean, is it normal for them to grow this much over night during puberty?"

"Maybe you're a late bloomer," Ruki figured as she handed me my half of the salad. Now that I looked at it…

"Ruki," I frowned.


"You didn't leave me any of the chicken or bacon pieces…" I whined.

"Of course I did, see?" she pointed to a few small bites of the meat.

"That's not enough, though!" I complained, my friend reeling back with her ears covered.

"Shhh! Not so loud, dammit!" she sneered with a hushed voice. "I already told you my ears hurt!"

"Sorry!" I whispered in embarrassment. I ate the meat that was in the salad, leaving the rest to Ruki.

"What, you just wanted the meat? I thought you were hungry?"

"I am…I just don't feel like having a salad. I could REALLY go for a cheeseburger right now…" I drooled at the savory thought of a double cheeseburger at MacDougall's with bacon and cheese…

"Eew…" Achika grimaced.

"What, you eat them too," I blinked.

"Yeah…Well, I dunno why, but the thought of eating meat disgusts me now…"

"Yeah, same here," Ruki nodded with a queasy face.

"Fine, don't expect me to share my burger next time," I humphed. Our lunchtime conversation was cut short as students' yammering grew louder from across the hallway.

"What's going on?" our wanton big-breasted friend stood as more students headed across the hall to the windows in the next room. The three of us left our spots and went to see what the commotion was outside. Looking down from the second floor, you can see the school swimming pool. It was lunchtime, so no one should have been using it, but it seemed some students and even a few teachers wanted to take a swim, most not even bothering to change into their swimsuits and were in the pool in just their underwear!

"What the hell?" Ruki wondered as we saw teachers trying to get students out of the pool with threats.

"My sentiments exactly…" I awed. I saw amongst the aquatic students and staff was Mai Yuchiza.

"This has been one WEIRD day…" Achika sighed. "You sleep in, Yui, Ruki has ear problems, I've got big boobs, and Mai and the rest down there are acting like fish. Just what the heck is wrong with everyone?"

"I dunno…And I have a bad feeling about it all…"

Long story-short, the students and teachers down in the pool were forced out and sent to the infirmary for dehydration. Class ended and the three of us headed to our homes.

"Well, call me if anything weird happens, guys," I said as we headed down the street to our homes.

"Yeah, will do…" Achika groaned as she cupped her tender bosom. "I know it sounds crazy…But…I think they got bigger today…"

"My hearing is at least going back to normal…I think…" Ruki sighed. "But now my feet hurt. I guess I need to get new shoes or something."

"Same here…" I stretched for several seconds. "My body feels so tense right now…Nnnhh…! And I'm still starving from lunch."

"I gave you a salad, Yui…"

"I don't want a salad…I want something meaty…Maybe Mom's making sea-food tonight…Mmm…That'd hit the spot…Tuna with some shrimp and soy sauce…" I licked my lips in hunger.

"Eeww…." My friends murmured. We came to our parting-spot and each headed to our own directions. I came home to the smell of fried salmon and chicken, my mouth watering at the thought of the taste.

"I'm home!" I announced as I discarded my shoes and went straight to the kitchen. "Mmmm…You read my mind today, Mom…" I drooled at the fish and poultry frying. "I've been hankering for something juicy and meaty ALL day."

"Same here, oddly enough," Mom faced me. "And so have Yuji and your father. It's strange, I was going to make some rice and eggplant, but I just kept thinking about cooking meat instead."

"That's odd…" I shuddered. "Hey, where are those two?" I blinked.

"Asleep, actually. Yuji slept most of today at kindergarten. But, the teacher said that all of the kids were acting weird today, and not like they were playing pretend, either."

"Same at my school. Kids and staff members got so dehydrated that they all ended up swimming in the school pool without permission. And my friends had weird things happening to them too," I yawned. "Well, I'm gonna follow Yuji and Dad's examples and take a nice nap too…Wake me up this time when dinner's ready…" I stretched with another long yawn as I headed upstairs for a catnap.

Mom called me down not too long after my sleep began, the family heading downstairs to eat. We all dove into our food hungrily, Yuji actually started using his hands. And to be honest, I was so hungry for the meat that I just wasn't satisfied with taking bite after bite of it with my chopsticks.

"Yui! Yuji!" Mom gasped. "What are you two doing? Yuji I could understand, but honestly Yui!"

"But we're really hungry, Mommy…" my brother pouted.

"It's okay dear," Dad patted her shoulder. "We're all a bit off today, so let them be."

"Thanks, Dad," I smiled.

"Actually," he picked up his fish and began to scarf it down by hand too. "I'm pretty darn hungry too."

"Yay!" Yuji cheered. "Now it's your turn, Mommy," my brother looked at our disheveled mother.

"Well, alright…" she sighed with a matronly smile. "But just for tonight. We'll eat like civilized people tomorrow on."

"Yes, Mommy."

Mom seemed to be more enthusiastic about eating this way than the rest of us, she even went so far as to lick her plate clean (we all were afraid to do it until she did). There were no leftovers that night, as we ate our delicious meat until none was left. I could still taste the sweet and salty taste in my mouth as I headed upstairs to get a bath. The tub was full by the time I was undressed, and slowly I dipped into the warm water after soaping up and rinsing.

"Mmm…That's…" I stopped as I felt…uncomfortable. For some reason, the bath made me jittery. Not just the bath, just being wet! My heart started to pound and my nervousness overtook me as I quickly exited the tub and dried off. My sleepiness had built up over the day, and even though it wasn't sunset yet, I decided to go to sleep after setting my alarm this time.

As if the day hadn't been bizarre enough, my dream was even stranger. I was in a jungle of some sort. And naked too. Oddly enough, I didn't mind that part. I strolled through some bushes when I came across a bird pecking the ground for bugs. I got on all fours and snuck my way toward it, my eyes fixated on the soon-to-be chicken nugget meal for me. I sprung into the air to grab it, only to have it fly off into a tree. With a mighty plop, I landed on my face, grumbling at my failure. I looked up at the tree and saw how high it was. I would have needed claws for that kind of scaling.

As if my request had been heard by the gods, my body began to change. I felt my hands thicken and fingers grow a bit stubbier, my nails darkening and extending. My palms thickened as pads grew on them, with dark fur sprouting all around them and all the way to my elbows. My nails had become retractable claws now, and my paws a perfect mix of cat-gripping with human dexterity. My feet changed too as my heels lengthened to the point where I had to stand on my toes now. I looked down to see my toes swell to the same size as my big toe and still grow larger while my big toes withered and disappeared all together. In seconds, my toenails grew into claws not unlike the ones on my hands as pads grew under the paw-like toes and fur spread up to my knees. It was awkward standing on my toes like a cat now, until a long black furry tail extended from my spine's base, giving me all the balance I needed. Finally, my ears lengthened and triangulated to the top of my head while my teeth grew sharper against my now sandpapery tongue.

With a murr of approval, I began to climb the tree as a cat would…no, as I was MEANT to, closing in on the bird. I now was on the branch the bird was perched on, stalking with balance that would have been impossible for any normal human, about to snatch the tasty birdy-

With a loud thump, I fell out of bed.

"Ooooucchh…" I rubbed my head at the sore part. Cleaning my paws off, I hopped back onto the bed and curled up into my covers, my tail wrapped up against me.

Wait, PAWS and TAIL?? I sat straight up and looked down at my body, horrified to see that my dream was somewhat real! The morning sun shone in my room as I laid there for minutes on end, examining my new features with unmatched curiosity.

"I'm….A cat?" I meowed in shock.