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Okay, so….People are kinda like real-life Furries now….Right…This is gonna fun….hehehehe!

Chapter 3

Our second day off from school went by like it was nothing. My family kept in touch with the relatives, and apparently we were all cats up to my great-grandma who lived with my maternal grandparents. Weird…

My ears twitched as the annoying buzz of my alarm woke me from my deep and delightful slumber. With a quick slam on the button, I sat back down on my bed, yawning with my tongue rolled like a cat.

"Geez…" I murred as I stretched out my body. "This is gonna take some getting used to…" My body was getting pretty flexible it seemed, I was not only able to touch my toes all the way, but could even bend my face almost all the way to my abs now! Well, at least I was limber. I wondered if Achika would lose weight or just keep bulking up.

I could hear Mom and Dad rising too, and Yuki gave a yawning meow not too far from my room as we all got up for the first regular day as Anthros. We hadn't used the bath in the past two days, probably from feline instincts, but surprisingly I didn't smell any stinkiness on either of us. Hm…

Well, that was one thing we didn't have to worry about now. We managed to get up early despite our feline laziness (courtesy electronic clocks) and Mom even was in the kitchen already frying up some fish fillets from the store. Mmmm, what a good way to wake up for us kitties…

"Mmmm…." Yuji murred hungrily as we took our seats with Dad to eat. We were all dressed now, Dad tying his tie as Mom served our plates with no utensils. We decided that there was no big problem eating with our hands, so long as we cleaned up. It felt good and, well, natural to eat like this. We all finished with a joyful licking of our plates and a mewing thanks to Mom before we all headed out. Dad took Yuji on his way to work and I headed to school. At least my school uniform still fit me, poor Achika had to get a new one fed-ex'd to her place yesterday.

"Yui!" I heard Ruki behind me as I walked down the street. I turned to see her and Achika together. Wow…Achika's uniform was big…but it was still tight for her! Her blazer was unbuttoned to the last buttons on the bottom, her shirt unbuttoned slightly because of its tight fit, revealing some of her bright pink-skinned cleavage.

"Hey, guys, nya," I meowed to them happily. "Well, first day like this, huh?" I asked with a bit of nervousness.

"Yeah…" Achika sighed. "I feel so naughty with my collar unbuttoned this far…"

"Achi-chan," Ruki giggled. "You have a cute face and a sexy body. You won't have to worry about guys not finding your attractive now."

"You mean they didn't think I was attractive BEFORE?" our bovine friend mooed in a sad fashion.

"Uh, what Ruki meant," I came in for the save. "Is that guys will notice you now and will talk with you. Who knows? You might get your first boyfriend soon."

With a sniffle, Achika smiled while Ruki mouthed 'Thanks' while Achika was looking away.

We headed to class together and waited for homeroom to start. I noticed on the board a note about orientation in the gym. All students were to report to the gym before nine thirty for the revised orientation and instructional ceremony for our new society.

"What do ya think it means?" Ruki asked me.

"Maybe there's new things like rules about how to act, nya," I shrugged. I then remembered something important. "Uh, hold on a sec, guys," I blushed. "I just remembered I had to do something."

"Hm?" They both blinked.

"Don't worry, I'll be right back," I gave a light bow and headed to the class next door. I had to talk to Kenji about my private kendo lessons with him. Geez, I hoped he didn't look weird as an Anthro…

"Mitsugari-san," I heard him call for me over to my left. I managed to look at him and almost squealed in joy. Kenji was part wolf now, his eyes a deep amber darker than mine, tall black and grey ears on his head, longer dark hair, a great wolf tail, and powerful arm and hind paws. He smiled so divinely as I approached him.

"Uh…H-Hi, Kenji, nya," I felt my heart flutter. "Sorry I didn't get to talk to you on Tuesday morning like we planned," I flushed.

"It's okay, I heard you and a lot of students were late, so I understand," he chuckled. "Well, do you still want to learn some kendo?" he asked with a calm and pleasant expression.

"Yes, please," I nodded, then remembered Ruki…Grr… "Um, and if it's not too much, could you teach a friend of mine as well?" I asked with trepidation.

"I suppose. We have a dojo at my home for small training, so it's no problem. Who's your friend if I might ask?"

"Ruki Katsumoto."

"Oh, her," he smiled. "Well, alright then. Here, do you know where I live?"

"I have your address in our class information handbook, so yeah," I nodded.

"Alright then, come to my house on Sunday in work-out clothes and be sure to have a fresh change of clothes for later."

Holy crap! This was for real!

"S-Sure, Kenji…" I gulped with my beet-red face. I gave a bow of gratitude and headed back to class, waving goodbye to him as I did so.

"What's got you all pink in the cheeks, kitty-girl?" Ruki looked down at me with a smug expression. "Went off to see Kenji, didn't ya?"

"I…Er…Well, it was for our lessons at his place…." I gulped.

"Oh? When do we start?"

"This Sunday."

"Awesome to hear. Alright, well, I guess we should head to the gym for the big orientation-thingy. Achika is gonna meet up with us there, she had to use the bathroom just now."

"Alright," I nodded as we went with the growing flow of students. The gym for main PE classes and orientations was large enough to house all four grade levels at once as we all lined up by age and size. Ruki and Achika were a few rows behind me…I hate being short…

Our principal, who was now some sort of hound Anthro, walked to the podium facing all of us as he cleared his throat.

"Good day, students of Shunyu High. I understand that the times are…different now, but fear not; our government as well as the others of the world have found a way to cope with humanity's changes," he began his speech. "To begin with, we are still 'humans', but the term the scientific community is using to regard our new and vastly varied species is 'Anthro', as in anthropomorphic creatures. Studies in the past two days show that we Anthros chare 90 percent of our DNA with one another, but the remaining 10 percent differs between individuals with the subspecies we all belong to. Like with animals, similar subspecies such as lion and tiger Anthros are breedable with one another, meaning that humans are becoming separate species on their own now.

"But this by no means give us the right to be exclusive from others because of their subspecies. Bullying and violence at this school and others will not be tolerated whatsoever. Student council members, we will be depending on you all for your help in making our school a safe environment for students to learn in and socialize."

Many of the student body council nodded with serious expressions on their faces.

"Continuing on," our principal began again. "There are new regulations here at the school with our changes. Some of you are amphibious from your subspecies, and thus need to be in a moist environment to survive. For those of amphibian and aquatic mammal relations, you will all be reassigned to the recently built indoor swimming pool for your classes so you can take a water break without worrying about traveling to the other side of the school for it."

I managed to see Mai for the first time since Tuesday. Her skin was a shimmering onyx with green splotches, her fingers and hind toes webbed with a long slick tail in the back like a salamander. I spotted some students with grey skin and bottle-nosed faces, a long and thick whale tail behind them too, and realized that the world's Anthros must be nothing but tetrapods.

"The next change in the school is the cafeteria meals systems. Our school has received funding for three main food diets for students of various subspecies. Vegetables and fruit, cereals and breads, and meat and fish. We do apologize for any offense to students and staff that are…related to the animal by-products we have here, so school lunches are for your own selection to choose what you want to eat," he panted a bit. I guess he was nervous and would have been sweating had he not been part dog. We found out why with the final changes he announced.

"F-Finally," he gulped. "Studies have shown that Anthros above the age of 13 become sexually mature more or less, with female Anthros having a bi-monthly heat period of two days." Murmurs echoed in the gymnasium as to what he was talking about. "That is to say, for two days in a row every two months, a girl above the age of 13 will have a…need to have sex. It is during those two days that her body can be impregnated through intercourse, and that pregnancy is virtually one hundred percent if un-protected sex occurs during those two days. Any vaginal intercourse during non-heat days, even if unprotected will not result in a pregnancy."

Guys and some girls cheered and howled in joy with this. Were girls and guys going to have sex in plain sight now!

"To accommodate female students who decide to stay in school during their heat, a secondary branch of the infirmary has been constructed with twenty separate rooms for couples to…mate in order for a girl to relieve tension during her heat. Condoms and diaphragms will be dispensed for free from the front infirmary so that, hopefully, teen pregnancy will not happen. We are trusting you students to make wise decisions in this new future ahead of us, and if mistakes happen, you must take responsibility for them as young adults."

The room went dead silent at those words. Well, serves those sex-fiends right.

"With that, I dismiss you all to go to your classes or new classrooms. Let us all do our best, no matter what the circumstances of our forms are now!" The principal finally gave something like a triumphant boast, the room applauding him out of respect or because they approved of the new changes, hard to tell.

We were then excused to our classes, I saw many of the amphibious students (Mai Yuchiza included) head to the new gym for the aquatic classes. Thankfully, Achika, Ruki, and I never needed to worry about being separated due to those conditions. Our sensei it seems was part falcon or hawk, her arms sporting great feathered wings with scaly three fingers for hands. Her mouth was a beak devoid of teeth, but I guess she could talk just fine that way.

We all took our seats and eventually started class. I spotted the boy and girl that were tardy with me the other day and saw that they too were felines. The boy looked like an Egyptian wildcat and the girl looking like a normal tabby cat. The both waved to me briefly as we made eye-contact.

Lessons went on, and eventually lunchtime came about, everyone herding to the cafeteria for good eats.

"I hope they have enough for me," Achika gave a moo as we stood in line. Her belly churned and gurgled as she held it. "I'm practically starving…"

"Did you skip breakfast, Achi-chan?" Ruki asked.

"No, quite the opposite…" she blushed. "I had two bowls of oatmeal today with a side toast."

"Achika!" Ruki huffed. "You can't eat that much! You're gonna gain weight like hell if that's gonna be your diet."

"But…I was really hungry…" our bovine friend gave a sniffle.

"Actually, Ruki," I came in for the save, yet again. "Cows eat a lot to keep their bodies fortified and healthy, so Achika will be fine."

"You sure?" our rabbit friend blinked with a twitch of her nose.

"Yeah," I nodded, winking to Achika. FINALLY, our turn came as we each ordered our foods. I got plenty of fish with milk and a little bit of sweet bread, my appetite greater now as an Anthro than as a human. Ruki got the deluxe salad with all the trimmings, and Achika got bread, vegetarian ramen, and fried noodles. We weren't the only ones who ate big now, reptilian and amphibian students aside, everyone ate in large quantities. I was surprised that everyone managed to eat their fill and still have enough for some to be given out as seconds!

"So, Yui," Ruki grinned a she finished nibbling more of her salad. "I know he's gonna be tutoring us this weekend, but, you wanna stay after school to watch Kenji again?" she grinned with her overbite buckteeth.

"Ooh! Sure, nya!" I nodded after gulping some fish. "Achika?" I turned to our glasses-wearing friend.

"Hmm…" she thought for a moment as she finished slurping the rest of her ramen. "I suppose I can stay for a bit. I caught up on a lot of laundry yesterday, so, sure," she smiled.

"Good! It's settled, nya!" I cheered as we ate and laughed together. Some things didn't change about us. We were still friends no matter what forms we took.

Classes went by, though it felt like they were longer as the three of us agonized over the waiting time to see Kenji.

We arrived at the gym to see girls huddled about the entrance like before, now with tails wagging and ears twitching. Ruki's height gave her an edge to see over everyone. Achika and I had to push and shove our ways to the front to look.

To our surprise, Kenji was fighting again, but this time the fight seemed otherworldly! His movements as a wolf were quick and darting, his hind paws giving him excellent traction against the swipes and chops of his opponent. Then, he managed to get a loud squeal from all of us as he literally leapt over his opponent and landed behind him in one graceful bound, planting a firm strike to his opponent's side to knock him down.

"Holy SHIT!" I gasped as the rest of the girls cheered in whatever animal sounds they made now. Just as our knight in shining sparring gear took off his helmet to reveal his black and grey mane, a savage tug at my collar threw me off to the side like before, but with more grace and speed than last time!

"Ouch! Nya!" I mewed angrily as I looked up to see Anko yet again.

This time, however, she was an Anthro. A fox to be precise. Her tall dark ears rose high above her still disgustingly gross bleached hair, her eyes even narrower than before, and her long orange tail swishing as she laughed in a yelping fashion at me.

"Hahahahaha!" she yipped. "You look absolutely PERFECT! Just like the pussy you are!"

"Why you-!" I tried to scratch at her, but she was quick to evade my extended claws. "Grrr! Buzz off, you bleached bitch!" I spat back.

"Not a chance!" she growled back at me with her fanged teeth. "I saw you head ot Kenji's class this morning. What did you say to him?" she glared at me.

"Nothing," I lied. "I just wanted to see what hew looked like as an Anthro, that's all," I gave a humph.

"Liar!" Anko barked as she tackled me, the two of us rolling around trying to pin the other. I tried to get my paws to scratch her, but her own paws had a death-grip on my wrists. I finally lost as the bitch straddled my tiny waist and tried to bite my throat for a growl. I felt so terrified at her killer look that I almost didn't realize what happened next.

A bovine roar issued to my right as Achika rammed Anko off me with her horns, sending the superintendant's daughter off me and to the side, stunned.

"Achika?" I blinked as I got up to see the meekest of our trio suddenly so standoff-ish.

"That's what you get for messing with my friend, bitch!" she snorted with a kick of her hoof.

"W-Why you….!" Our enemy growled as she struggled to stand while so disorientated. "S-Stupid fat cow…!

"That's Achika to you, fox-slut!" my friend showed even more guts than I'd ever seen her show.

"Deal with either of them," Ruki came to our side. "And I'll drop kick you back to the Joman Era," she crossed her arms as the three of us made our stance.

The girls all awed at our courage to stand up to the evil witch, and then some began to stand behind us, their spirits revitalized.

In no time at all, all the girls were with us, yelling things like 'Girl power!' and 'What goes around comes around!'

Wow, had we started a rebellion against the evil queen of the campus?

Anko, outnumbered even with her posse of rodent-flunkies, upturned her nose at us and stormed off in fury. We all gave cheers and howls of joy as the Anti-Anko League was officially founded.

"Wow," Mai came up to us, her salamander skin shimmering as she jumped in excitement. "You three sure are brave."

"Nah, it's nothing," I blushed. "We're just as pissed at Anko as you all are," I chuckled.

"But you actually fought back!" a sparrow girl chirped. "Achika, you were so cool the way you rammed her!"

"Oh, uh," Achika showed her normal shy self once more. "I just d-didn't want Yui to get hurt, that's all…."

"No way!" a retriever girl shook her head. "You three stood up to Anko, that's major courage. If you all are going to be that way to her from now on, count me in!"

"Me too!"

"Yeah, us too!"

Eventually, all thirty-something girls decided to join our little resistance and soon we became our own band of sisters. Maybe it was because our Anthro instincts to flight or fight made Achika and I more of fighters…Maybe it was that we all knew we had to stick together as girls to not let some spoiled brat overpower us. Either way, that day started a great moment for Shunyu High first year girls!

Next Chapter:

Ruki Katsumoto, your lovely bunnygirl idol here! We managed to round up a resistance to that kitsune bitch Anko, but things have just started to get interesting. Next time, we get to see first hand what it's like to be in heat as well as Yui and I get our first kendo lessons by that hunk Kenji! Wooo! See you all next time on 'Darwin's Backflips' Chapter 4!