My birthday's a bad day, don't you know?

My birthday's the intro to the start of the show

People come in with their chosen gift

I'm wishing for this day to end real swift

But here you come in waltzin with your curvy hips

To bear a birthday kiss from those strawberry lips

On my Birthday!

Birthdays come and birthdays go

So you wear your birthday suit with your birthday bow

People come in giving their thanks

Girls are enthused, those little skanks

But there you are, looking divine

You're the birthday gift which is truly mine

On my Birthday!

As the soireƩ continues through the night

As we dance, I draw you in tight

With all my might

We're really a sight

Then she says: Don't fight it baby, embrace it

This night, you can't replace it

You might as well face it

Remember lover, don't erase it

Not now, not ever, not always... tonight

This birthday's coming to a special end

I'm lying right here with my lady friend

We transcend each other on the birthday cot

Doing intuitive things that were never taught

This present is the one I've been waiting all day

With one sly look, you just say:

On my Birthday!