Okay, so I usually write fanfiction for my favorite show Bones, but I've had this story in my head for so long that I decided to try it. This is just a short prologue, tell me what you think and I'll post more.

June 6, 2005

Anaheim, CA

Alex shoved the last piece of clothing into the backpack, zipped it shut, then took one last look around the room.

From the scuffed dresser, to the small desk and chair where she had sat for hours, doing her homework, to the tall bookcase…she remembered the day her mother had taken her shopping to pick out her 'big girl room'. "Pick something that will last, Allie my girl," she had said. "Something that will hold all your memories, and carry you through your teenage years."

She smiled briefly at the memory. Her mother had always been thinking ahead, towards the future. 'Never look back', that was her motto. She had always been positive, even in the worst of times. Even when the diagnosis came, and the cancer started to ravage her body, she had stayed upbeat. At least in front of her daughter.

Sighing, Alex shook her head. It was no use to think about that now. Turning, her eyes caught the rows of books standing neatly on the bookshelf. Most of the things she was leaving behind were just that, things. But the books…leaving her beloved books behind was almost enough to bring tears to her eyes. As much time as she had spent reading the comfortably worn volumes, it felt as if she were leaving her best friends.

She shook off the fanciful thoughts. She couldn't afford to get sentimental now. She was leaving; escaping. No regrets, and certainly no tears.

She checked the front pocket of her backpack one more time, making sure the money was still there. Three years of babysitting, dog walking, mowing…you name it, she'd done it. Whatever she could do to make $5 here, $10 there, keeping in mind that she could never let her father find out. That money, along with the ones and fives she had stolen each week from her father's pockets, only enough that he wouldn't suspect; a little over $8000 she had managed to save. Just enough to get her to Boston and get settled.

She made her way over to the window and opened it noiselessly, like she had so many times before. She swung a leg over the windowsill, then stepped out onto the porch roof. Less than a minute later, she was dropping to the ground from the branch of the tall maple tree that stood in her front yard.

Slinging the backpack over her shoulder, she started walking into the night. She never looked back.


Kneeling in the soft earth, Alex reached out and wiped away some mud from the cool, smooth granite. The moonlight was shining down, enough so that she could read the letters engraved there. Not that she needed to see them; she knew them by heart. 'Katherine Rose Linden, 1968 – 1999'. Nothing else; no loving words or phrases. Her father would never have spent money frivolously. People had looked at him questioningly, until he explained. "Kate would've wanted that money to go to Alexandria." Of course, they all thought he was such a caring father to be thinking of his daughter when his heart must be breaking. They didn't realize that he didn't have a heart.

"Hey mom." Her words were soft, her voice thick with emotion. "I guess this is goodbye. I'm leaving." She took a deep breath, and forced herself to go on. "I'm probably going as far away as anyone can get from here, and I don't expect I'll ever be back, but know that I'll always love you, and I…I miss you." Blinking back tears, she lay the flowers that she had picked from the neighbor's garden lovingly at the base of the tombstone, then stood. "Goodbye, mom," she whispered, then turned and slowly walked away.