The first thing her amethyst eyes took in was the mix-matched shades of grey. Next came the coolness of the stone beneath her, and then the dull throbbing on the back of her head. She slowly pulled her hand out in front of her, stiffly levering the upper half of her body from the harsh stone floor. She looked around weakly, searching for some sign of hope in this desolate place, but it was in vain. There was a window above her, it was barred. There was a door beside her, it was locked. She let herself slowly to the ground, closing her eyes as if to tune everything out. She took a few deep breaths and let herself slip into back unconsciousness, ever so slowly.

Several hours later she came to. Once she raised her head she could see the door was open, the light spilling in and nearly blinding her. A figure came towards her, blurry and out of focus. It was all she could do to look up with questioning eyes. She felt a hand run through her shoulder length alabaster hair. The warm and gentle touch seemed to linger near the back of her head, if only for a moment. A small sound escaped her lips when it pulled away. She felt a hand near her knees and another at her shoulder and she almost cried out as she was lifted upwards, away from the harsh grey stones. She felt the rough fabric a shirt against the left side of her face. She lightly grabbed a handful of the material with her right hand and buried her face against the figure's chest. She could tell he was strong, she could feel the firmness of his chest as he hugged her closer and there was always how he'd gracefully picked her up as though she was as light as a feather. His walk was smooth to the point where she wasn't positive if they were moving at all. But as he walked she could feel him tense, purposely growing cold. But he still had that hint of gentleness that gave it away.