she didn't seem to notice too much
about where she was.

but she didn't seem to care.

i watched her from my window. i could
only see the black silhouette of her body
in the center of the asphalt.

unflinching, unmoving.

she never looked up; she never looked
down…she only seemed to look out with
her arms spread wide indicating freedom.

but she was surrounded by gray clouds
and black asphalt.

(she's going to breakdown soon.)
i was positive that she'd have to.

but she never did.

and it started to rain down hard.

she didn't seem to notice, her position
was still unaltered.

i couldn't understand why she didn't
crack or move or shake even a little
with the sound of the falling rain.

i looked closer and closer until i saw the
truth…it was raining silver.

(redemption was there.)