No More

On my hand

I have five fingers,

And on one of them

There is a shiny,

Gleaming band.


On my finger

Is a ring made of silver,

Made of love and promises

That have faded into nothingness.


On my eyelids

I have powdery makeup,

The kind with glitter

That you've always liked.


And behind those eyelids

(which are closed right now)

lurk eyes of the deepest blue.


And in my mouth

Is food that I refuse to chew,

Because you've touched it already

And you always ruin everything

And I know that it will

Taste like you.


And in my stomach

Are the lies you've fed me before

That my body can't process,

Because they're too dirty,

Too much

For me to handle.


And in your hand

Is more food for me to eat,

And you shove it forward

Like life is a race

And you are losing.