the girl's heart overflowed to the surface;
no longer was her face beautiful or her
actions pure.

(darkness can't hide in the light.)

but her heart wasn't the only dark thing around
his hands, the soldiers' cries, bloodshed.

nails rained down all around her.

humbled to her knees, to her face
the dust turned to sand beneath her
it slid as quickly through her fingers
as did her life.

she was scared, hurting, crying, dying.

she couldn't keep looking down anymore
she had to look up.

the cross towered over her many feet
she cried on her knees in the shadow.

blood fell from his body down her cheek,
and she could feel his pain so much more intensely.

what was happening?

the wages of sin was death
but without sin one couldn't die.
(why was the blameless losing his heartbeat?)

for her. because of her.

every sin that she committed was another
nail that pierced him.

he carried all of the sin.
because he carried it, he possessed it.

(now the innocent had to die.)

light left the world that night.

and she just criedcriedcriedcried.

not for herself, but for him,
the perfect sacrifice, the only
true love she would ever know.


when the light came back,
the screaming soldier stopped
and a hand was placed on her soldier.

that man.
he was alive.

and he was waiting for her,
talking to her, loving her.

her eyes opened in the morning
and she saw a shadow on the wall.

"I love you."

then it was gone.