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As a kid, I loved carnivals, theme parks, any place with rollercoasters and Ferris Wheels. Not to mention the added bonus of cotton candy and the totally cool games I would spend my whole five dollars on. Life was most certainly amazing at the age of ten. I was positive that theme parks were my world.

Little did I realize that my idea of theme parks would be ruined. It's like over the summer: You start to get bored and go around moaning and whining that there's nothing to do. Then unluckily your mom hears you and she says, "Oh, I've got something for you to do and it'll take up the whole day." She'd toss you a rag with a wide grin on her face and you knew you were expected to clean every surface of the house. And when you were a little kid you would fall for it only to realize half an hour later that it was work and not much fun.


That's totally what it felt like. Having expectations and hopes for something and then getting them torn apart.


How annoying.

Okay, maybe I'm being a little too dramatic. I mean, yeah, working at the theme park that I often frequented as a little kid, definitely ruined it. I get to see the works behind it all and it sucks. Every day it's all about working under the torturous sun for seven hours straight with the exception of a thirty minute brake. It's about your supervisor randomly taking off only to leave you to manage the four games at the kids' section of the park (including one family friendly one. In other words: It's one for every age). It's about the parents that scream their heads of at you when you tell them that their kid lost at your game so they only get the tiny prize we offer and not the super huge prize. It's about your manager greeting you with a "How's it going Isaac's sister?," which, I guess is an improvement from "How you doing, Miss?" It's about the two girls who don't do anything and give you dirty looks because you were left in charge. And, don't even get me started on the annoying peppy girls you work with.

Well, since I guess I already started on them, I might as well finish up.

My first day at work was…interesting. I had just clocked in and had walked all the way to the front (where the kids' section was) and that's when my supervisor found me.

…That's right….she found me.

I held back a groan as she practically ran to me with an ecstatic grin, her shiny chestnut brown hair bobbing up and down. "Hey! You're Isaac's sister, right?"

"Yeah," I replied with a nod of my head.

"Oh my gosh!" She grinned. "You won't believe this!"

I started to wonder if she thought she had already met me and that's why she was so….happy. I waited for her to continue and when she noticed I wasn't going to say anything, she frowned but continued her little story. "Angela has a crush on your brother!"

I blinked. "Who?"

She stared back at me in shock and then threw her right palm against her forehead. "Oh, don't worry. You don't know her yet. She works the morning shift since she's only fifteen."

I nodded. "Right."

Child labor laws…fourteen and fifteen year olds can only work till 5 PM, sixteen and seventeen year olds (Me!) until ten, and eighteen year olds (or older….Isaac: he's twenty-one) until their little hearts desired.

And that's when Angela decided to make her grand entrance. "Hey, Cara, I'm heading off."

My supervisor turned to her and gave her a hug. "Alright hon, take care and see you tomorrow!" Cara turned back to me and then said, "Oh! Angela! Wait, you still need to meet Serena."

Angela walked back over and after a quick introduction she, once again, announced that she was "taking off." She even gave me a hug. What a weirdo.

Two weeks later: Cara gave me the morning shift to be in charge of and I was with Angela getting the game ready before the park opened.

"Wow," she mused. "We have a lot in common."

I didn't say anything. We really didn't have anything in common but I hadn't really opened my mouth to disagree on anything the two hours we had been working. She had been the one yapping away. This time I only grinned which, I guess, encouraged her to continue talking. "You know, I was so worried you wouldn't like me because of what's going on between your brother and me."

I hardly doubt Isaac would ever date a girl that's six years younger than him. At least not right now. That's just gross and not to mention he'd be a pedophile if he did. Maybe later on when she were over age…yeah, totally. I only blinked at her and said (quite carelessly, I might add), "There's something going on between you two?"

She glared at me but in less than a second smoothed her face to a smile. "Oh, you know what I mean."

And I nodded. Why bother, right?

With the facts of having Angela crushing on my brother to the point of being delusional, having my brother working as one of my indirect supervisors, having both a supervisor and manager who don't care about their employees, a lesbian who is crushing on me, and a group of guys who visit the park almost religiously, I guess having a name with the initials being SOS isn't so far off of a description of my life.

Okay, this is my second try at a story. I have a one shot up but I wanted to try something with actual chapters. Reviews would be greatly appreciated. If I get some good feedback I'll continue writing this. Thanks!!