The city was soaked from the cold rain pouring over the grey landscape. A boy of pale complexion and raven black hair, walked alone with his eyes to the ground, his white uniform shirt dry under the solid dark colored umbrella. He walked slowly, pulling his shoulder in as people hurried by, his empty eyes never looking up.

A car sped by, its front tire hitting a puddle next to where the boy was walking. He pulled as far away as he could, falling into the railing that lined the opposite side of the sidewalk. He peered over the edge, watching the umbrella float down to the rushing storm water. Knowing the umbrella was lost, he crossed his arms, gripping the short sleeves of the school shirt. His thin, pale arms shivered from the cold water that soaked his body.

The rain continued to fall heavily and the boy ducked under an overhang for bus passengers. He crouched down, the wet black hair drooping over his knees as he shivered.

His cold eyes peered up as the feeling of dry, warm fabric touched his arms. A coat had been placed on his shoulders and a boy of similar age stared down at him with an empty expression. His hair was a golden orange, his eyes a sharp blue.

The pale boy dropped his eyes and gripped the coat, hugging it closer to his body. He looked up again to find the other figure gone and so stood to continue on his way home.

The sun was out and the concrete dry, showing no signs of rain from the previous day. The dark haired boy stood at the bus stop where he had taken shelter on his way home from school yesterday. A plastic bag hung from his pale hand as he looked around hoping to spot the blue eyed boy.

All day at school he peered out the window from his desk, thinking of that boy, wondering who he was. The bell rang and he walked close to the wall of the busy hallway, his eyes to the ground. Finally escaping the building filled with energized students, he was alone, heading to the bridge he crossed to get home.

The sight of shoes ahead caused the boy to stop and look up, only to see the boy from yesterday staring back. The pale hand that held the plastic bag slowly stretched towards the figure.

The blue eyes fell to the bulging plastic and a hand slipped through the holes, stroking the pale fingers that gripped the handles, but quickly pulled away from the touch. "Th-thank you." The pale boy held his fingers, stuttering nervously, dropping his gaze.

"You could get sick walking in the rain like that." The blue eyes remained on the black hair that now covered the shying eyes.

"My umbrella…fell." His voice was soft and shaky. "Thank you again for your help."

"Tama." The cold eyes looked into the rich cerulean blue. "My name is Tama." The other boy's lips curled.

"Uh. Riku." A barely visible smile appeared on his face and a hint of light caught his darkened eyes.

The following day, Tama was sitting on a low railing at the base of the bridge as Riku arrived on his way home from school. The black hair fell smoothly forward as Riku bowed slightly. "You take a long time to walk here."

The cold eyes stared at Tama as the pallid lips parted, barely moving to the soft words. "You were waiting?

The blue eyes glanced around. "Do you always walk by yourself?" Riku picked at his fingernails.

"I-I don't have any friends." He bit his bottom lip, grabbing a hold of his pale fingers.

"Everyone has friends." The blue eyes were now on the pale boy, who didn't reply. "Then how 'bout I be your first?"

The cold eyes moved up, dropping to a hand stretched out to him. Riku stared at the hand, hesitantly reaching to fit his own to the darker skin. His hand was loose in Tama's warm grip, but a more prominent smile showed than that of yesterdays.