The crisp fall air blew, brushing the black and brown hair across the faces starring ahead together. Daisuki gently held Riku's hand in his own as they walked up a winding dirt road, the sound of trees crinkling as the wind beat around the drying leaves. They came to a flat landing and stepped onto some browning grass that covered most of the land around them.

A rusted railing ran crookedly along the edge of the grass that stopped where the ground plummeted into a deep cliff. Riku's eyes stared out over the open sky, until a voice caused him to turn back. "There it is."

A vertical stone with a familiar name carved into the face brought the two holding hands closer. They both read over the name silently, the wind soothing them. "Tama." Riku whispered the name as the wind died down. "A year ago I never thought I'd be reading his name on a grave."

Daisuki tightened his grip on the pale hand. "He knows how much you miss him. That we both miss him."

The grey eyes dropped to stare blankly, moving back to the stone when silence grew between them. "Do you mind if I had a moment alone?"

The brown eyes looked over at the pale face that remained focused on the written name. "Sure." His hand slipped from Riku's as he turned to walk away.

The grey eyes stared at the name in stone as the sound of footsteps moved away from where he stood. "We will be together again." Riku slowly glanced up to the sky over the railing as the wind passed around his frail body.

Daisuki was walking with his back to Riku's, but paused as the wind ceased again. He half turned to look back, the stone stiffly set in the ground. The brown eyes moved to where the grey ones had looked over the railing out into the dull blue sky. Daisuki stood alone as the wind blew his hair and he looked up to the sky, smiling lightly as a single tear rolled down his cheek.