Pool parties, and an overdose of gorgeous birds,
the icy barrels of beer in the corner,
and cans of lager held in trembling hand:
Still, you're not too drunk yet -
not sloshed out of your mindless head
with intoxicating liquid streams oozing
down in disastrous travel towards unsuspecting
liver. Your hair clings greasily to your sweating
scalp and your eyes are unfocused, bloodshot even.
You're swaying in a sexy dance with an anonymous girl,
and she's got her hands in your back pockets, and her
lips are on yours; you inhale her contagious smell:
The heat and passion and musky scent of wine radiate
from her. But your dancing turns to wobbling, and
you stumble from the floor in hazy confusion.
The disco lights blaze hellishly and the music
pounds, pounds, pounds in your ears like your heartbeat –
which is as erratic as your movements, limbs not working
the way they should. You clamber into dented car and
fumble with the ignition and keys, and the devil delights:
Everyone knows there's going to be an accident –
They're just all too drunk to care.