This song was originally written to the tune of "Stay Awake" from Mary Poppins. However, I made a temporary friend a few years ago, and he wrote a new tune to it, which is much, much nicer. So this song has an original tune, courtesy of SineQuaNon. It's a personal favorite of mine. He was supposed to be writing a new tune for Balladeer's Warning as well, but I lost contact with him before he could finish it. Ah well, se la vie. He also wrote the music that "Jerusalem" is written to, which is also hauntingly beautiful. I hope he was successful with his composing, he definitely deserves it!


Sleep my darling, here's your bed
Worry not what lies ahead, ahead
Do not fear dear it's all right
Sleep my love and dream of light,
Sleep my love and dream of light...

(musical interlude)

Sleep my darling, do not sigh,
Raise your hand and touch the sky, the sky
Do not cry dear, dry your tears
Sleep my love for mother's here,
Sleep my love for mother's here...
For mother's here.

(solo piano ending)