Second untitled lyric prose. This is to a song called "Ashokan Farewell" for flute and harp, which I know you can find on youtube, so I'd suggest finding it there, then coming back and reading the story.

FLUTE A handsome Marine stands in his bedroom, placing the last few things in his rucksack. He has been called to duty,
and is mustering out that afternoon. He stands up slowly and turns around to face his young wife.
HARP She stands in the corner, crying slowly and wringing a hankie to death. She knows he has to go to war,
that he's the best of the best, but she'll never understand why he feels the obligation to leave her and their child.
BOTH He goes to her side and holds her close, rocking her softly as she weeps hot tears on the shoulder of his uniform.
He doesn't try to explain, only lets her know that he'll always love her and will always return to her side, no matter what.
HIGH PHRASE A tug on his pant leg makes him look down to see his little girl, four years old. She holds the horse toy
he made for her in her raised arms, and he picks her up and kisses her on the forehead lovingly.
HARP Seeing the way he tenderly holds her daughter, the marine's wife dries her tears and smiles bravely at his departing back.
FLUTE He knows she won't understand, but as he leaves with a last smile, she lets him go, knowing he'll faithfully return.