Come on now,

Writing in circles isn't nearly so hard as you think;

Just bounce up and back around (You've always loved trampolines)

The music blaring at your side

The faithful view outside your window

(Hydro-poles and trees and TV antennas black

In a suburban silhouette against

An unusually smog-free twilight)

Bas(s)ic undertones lined with metallic edges

Singing sweetly to your eyes

And purple clouds

― The perfect pillow!

The dog snores contentedly

Discovering a mysterious smile of a moon

(Tastes richly of water and non-existent melon bubblegum)

Melting into yet another voice;

One by one, streetlights waking up,

Yawning into tiny

Fluorescent sunsets

Poised for hours (wanting to dance)

Tickling your peripheral vision;

Instant messages dominating your being

With guitar strums,

Much more than eleven notes,

(Completely ignoring conventionalities)

Black and white notebooks

Eating your mind

(Others can only hack away)

Singing painfully off-key;

Green walls reflecting

Rhythmic patterns

And crumpled jeans on the floor,

Blinds pointlessly open

An attempt at achieving depth you justify

(When the real question is where is that sock?)

Thinking of no one

No one?

Ha ha… "no one"

With laptops closed;

A bedroom door open

It's dark

(Exceptional soprano)


Purple fuzzy slippers!

Against a framed picture of warmth

It's currently twenty-four degrees

(Thank you Galileo.)

Airplanes glitter by, enormous fish,

The hundreds of people

A hollow melody

(Turn it up louder)

Satisfactory bass

(How many decibels?)

Can't hear you!

(But would you look at that beautiful smile?)

Picked up with the beach glass the fish found

Tossed up into the moon

(Bleached, no doubt)

Piano echoes electrically glow with that smile,

With white keys

(White desk

Black pen

Black and white snoring dog)

Eyes closed and view obstructed

Still hearing

(Pretending not to)

Outside your window

Streetlights flicker,

Bouncing until some sort of yellowish-greenish-pinkish-grey

(A bubble of dawn)

Removes eraser specks from the page.