the list

Author's Note: So this is just a fun little story that I decided to write. I think I'll update regularly depending on the reviews I get. I'm pretty far along and I decided just to see what people think of it. So here goes.

Summary: A girl makes a list of 100 things she wants to find in her perfect guy. She refuses to stop looking until she finds a boy with all 100 traits. But once she finds him, she runs into another problem.

She's not happy.

Warnings: language, sexual content

the list

1. He has a dreamcatcher in his room.

2. He'll ditch prom to take me to the park.

3. He's not crude.

4. He's best friends with his mom.

5. He likes cooking. (Real food, mind you. No cookies and cake).

6. He sings.

7. He plays piano better than he plays guitar.

8. He does Beatles' covers on the piano except he forgets the lyrics a lot.

9. He flaunts me off to his friends.

10. He does not ditch his friends to spend time with me.

11. He gets nervous when I'm around. But when I need help, he gives the best advice.

12. He likes drawing portraits better than going to concerts.

13. He loves concerts. He stays around hours later to meet the performers.

14. He's performed before but he says he likes looking up to people more than being the person looked up to.

15. He likes having his shirt on rather than off.

16. He's well-read and his favorite book is not The Perks of Being a Wallflower. He says it's overused.

17. He gives kisses on the forehead.

18. He doesn't look sloppy. (No sandals).

19. He doesn't spend a lot of time choosing out his clothes either.

20. He walks around barefoot a lot.

21. He drives his little sister around and opens the door for her.

22. He lets me close the door myself so I can hear the bang.

23. He's secretly afraid of rollercoasters but he refuses to admit it because he knows I love them.

24. He hides his old stuffed animals in his closet because he doesn't want his mom to throw them away.

25. He hates football and just pretends to like the Super bowl because he wants to make his dad happy. (And for some reason he always wins the bets and makes a ridiculous amount of money).

26. He gives money he finds on the ground to charity.

27. Before he gives the money to charity, he contemplates taking it for himself.

28. He assumes that I eat as much as he does and never orders me a salad.

29. However, he always orders me a strawberry lemonade.

30. He hates poetry cafes.

31. He doesn't straighten his hair.

32. He's never tried any drugs or alcohol. He can get drunk off of life just fine.

33. He has at least four shirts and three sweaters that could belong to a girl (just in case I need to borrow something).

34. He makes sure everybody has a seatbelt on before he starts to drive.

35. He likes ice cream better than frozen yogurt.

36. He doesn't like wearing socks. So he wears just shoes instead. And his feet don't smell bad.

37. His eyelashes are shorter than mine.

38. He's never had braces.

39. He knows somebody in a band.

40. On the first date he'd take me to the fair.

41. He brags that he can win anything at the fair. But he doesn't and loses miserably. So he buys a hideous teddy bear for me instead.

42. He knows it's ugly but he wants to see if I'll say anything. And if I do he'll get another one for me.

43. Except he stops and takes it away from me and gives it to the crying three-year-old lost in the park.

44. He'll take the crying three-year-old and help the kid find Mommy.

45. He tells Mommy to watch her kid better and refuses payment.

46. He's seen Donnie Darko and he understands it.

47. He supports gay marriage.

48. He's never late to dates.

49. He thrives on simplicity.

50. He enjoys meeting people.

51. It takes him a long time to make a true friend.

52. He gives real, true hugs that make you feel safe.

53. He still has his Pokémon cards. And he knows all the names of the monsters.

54. He hates all other anime.

55. When he goes on a roadtrip, he brings his GameBoy.

56. He never says, "I love you," because he shows it through his actions.

57. He lends people money and is too polite to ask for it back later on.

58. He does his own laundry.

59. He cries when he sees kids with cancer.

60. He thinks cutting is stupid.

61. He's painted his nails before because he wondered what they would look like.

62. He's dressed up like a girl.

63. Surprisingly, he's never been unsure of his sexuality.

64. He likes animals.

65. He has a nice, distinguishable laugh.

66. When he smiles, his eyes crinkle up.

67. He doesn't laugh or smile when he thinks a joke isn't funny.

68. He's tried being vegetarian but he likes burgers too much.

69. He can blow up balloons with his mouth. But he can't tie the bottoms.

70. He has problems tying his shoes too.

71. A lot of times he forgets which is his right and left hand.

72. He has a minor case of OCD.

73. He worries about people a lot.

74. He finds reality shows stupid. He thinks you can go outside and watch them yourself.

75. He likes people watching.

76. He smiles everyday because he thinks life is beautiful.

77. He cries everyday because he thinks life is beautiful.

78. He blows dandelions to make wishes.

79. He also makes wishes at 11:11.

80. He doesn't like clowns.

81. He's volunteered to face paint kids before.

82. When he needs money he goes to the park and sells pictures or plays his guitar. He can't get a job because he feels like he's being squeezed into a mold. He's usually late to everything.

83. He's an early bird. He doesn't like wasting life.

84. He stays up late at night. He wakes up at 2 in the morning and walks around thinking about his life.

85. Sometimes he goes downstairs in the middle of the night to watch movies by himself. They usually scare him so much he can't go back to sleep again.

86. He'd rather have a girl that's cute than a girl that's hot.

87. He never cleans his room.

88. He cares about the world too much.

89. He doesn't go online a lot.

90. He rides his bike more than he drives his car.

91. He doesn't play with his hair.

92. He doesn't spend a lot of time looking at himself in the mirror. (He's not conceited).

93. He's not insanely insecure either.

94. His clothes smell like the sand at the beach.

95. His jeans that have holes are ones that he ripped himself.

96. Sometimes he draws on his pants with ballpoint pens.

97. He looks good in turquoise.

98. If he hurts somebody he loves, he's the one that cries.

99. He defends his friends.

100. He loves me.

so there's the list; the search will start soon.

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