Looking into the faces

Of ten thousand different places

All been there, done that

But they have nothing on me

I glide down a crowded corridor

My heart forgets to keep time

Instead it thinks back to something I forgot the words too
One could almost hear me humming

Wrong key?


I look into the sun

Overwhelmed by pure color

I almost sneeze

You find that hilarious

I almost wish you caught me

And who says the world can't be this simple

One sweet song sung by two different people

A pessimist can love another one's eyes

One so hopeful can be lost by a look so divine

You make me rhyme so cheezily

Your forever-long arms

Wrap around my stunted disbelief

You waited so long for me to notice

I thought you were way beyond me


Oh these faces

They've been places haven't they…

Their ignorance