What My School Means to Me

By Dubille

What does SBS mean to me? A school, a place I go to everyday to learn, just a building.

What do the people of the school mean to me? Well, they mean a lot.

From friends, to students, to teachers and cafeteria workers, it never gets boring here! Sure we mayfight sometimes. But isn't that what a family does? Fight? Yes, the people of SBS are my family, my safety nets. I will miss them all so much when I leave to begin a new era, high school.

When I first came here in the fourth grade, I didn't know anyone, I was terrified. I refused to try and get to know anyone; I was preoccupied with being alone and scared. But that changed with time, not a lot of time. "True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost."this quote given to us by Charles Caleb Colton is reassuringly true. Realizing that now, on this day we graduate. There is no one person I will miss. I will miss you all deeply and dearly. I wish we could stay together, all eight of us, but it's time to part ways, mostly, until next year that is.

Patrick, for his kindness, wisdom and cohesiveness in tough decisions, especially when dealing with us, it takes a lot of strength to deal with us doesn't it? It's okay to go slap-happy as long as it's Jay, not us.

Ah, Jay, you make me laugh….a lot, stay ha ha happy, but also get your work done.

Sean cause he feels a lot like an older brother you say things that people wouldn't dare say and you're awfully upfront about things.

Sami, you are like the kid sister I never had, your random discharges of loud noises scare most to all of us. But you know we're all secretly laughing.

Emily, you're demanding, but that's a good thing sometimes. You take initiative when no one wants to. You get the job done, anyway possible, anyway you see fit. Though you might be a bit, controlling sometimes, and we don't take you seriously, I can understand why you get ticked off.

Steffani, you're the most normal of us all. Don't be afraid to cry of shy away, or yell at us because we act way to weird sometimes.

Lisa, just like Emily, you take the job that no one wants. Being the leader of our royal gang of hooligans, you are to be held responsible for every mistake we make mmkay? J/K I was only like trying to be happy-making. You're nice, sometimes, smart, most of the times. And you have the funniest waves and Paris Hilton impersonation. Stay happy-making forever!

To my friends in Seventh Grade and below, thank you for making my stay here happy and a paradise away from home. As far as that goes…

But to all of you I say goodbye, for now, including me. Yes me. I have to change, think of the future; I need to study more, pay attention in class, and get good grades, and listen,for a change, as I'm told. I will never forget you all and the big impact SBS citizens have made on me. Someday I'll envision all the events and laugh. Saying, 'That couldn't be me! Wait…maybe it was. Oh I remember that stage. Hair in my face, total lack of self-esteem, a sweater in the middle of June, how could have that been me?' And hopefully I'll have you all to say, 'Yeah, it was you! Total n00b factor rofl!!!' Or something to that affect. I hope my children, if in fact I have any, will have the same privilege as I did, to go to SBS. Hopefully the teachers of SBS will offer to stay a bit longer until they get here.

I'm glad I had the teachers I did, all of them, from fourth to eight grades. The taught me valuable lessons I will keep close to my heart. All the lessons I've learned over the years. So when that final moment comes, when I get my diploma, I know it will be the end of something great, and the beginning of something fantastic. To my friends in the lowers grades, particularly seventh grade, I hope you have the honor and privilege to have all these teachers send you on, as your new journey begins. Thank you all for being there, I love you all, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to learn and become a member of your large family.

A/N: Even me reading this almost a year later, as a freshman, it still brings tears to my eyes. I'm going to miss all my friends when I graduate from highschool too. But for now...I'll just deal with being late for class.