Hi, my name is Sara Maria Alice Thimble. I am 13 years old and I go to Shennington Boarding School. I am in form 3 at school and am having trouble choosing my GCSE subjects. I'm not going to bore you with that. First let me tell you a bit about myself. As you know my name is Sara Maria Alice Thimble and I am 13 years old. When I am on school holidays and I go home, I live in Wallingford. I have a mum, a dad and two annoying younger twin brothers called Drew and Alex. I was born on Friday 14th July 1993 at four o clock in the morning. My best friend is Frankie and she is in my form as well at boarding school. My fave subjects at school are Music, English (as you can tell) and Drama. I am so a Drama Queen. Let me tell you about today at Shennington Boarding School.

7.30 am: Wake Up

The bell goes at half seven leaving us half an hour to get ready for breakfast. I'm not the kind of girl who is late so I jumped out of bed, grabbed my horrible red blazer and green skirt and ran to our bathroom to have a shower. Ah it was so nice. After 15 minutes in the shower I got out and got dressed. Just enough time to straighten my hair. After ten minutes my hair was straight and I was racing down the corridor to get to the school canteen.

8.00 am: Breakfast

Breakfast is always the same for me. I always have a glass of orange juice, a cup of tea with milk and two sugars, a bowel of porridge with sugar and 2 pieces of toast with butter on them. I like to be the same all the time. Breakfast lasts about half an hour before we have to go to our chore groups and do our chores for the day. Today my group was on kitchen duty which meant we had to prepare lunch for everyone in the school. Luckily though it was a good lunch. Chips and sausages.

8.50 am: First lesson

Today my first lesson was French. I quite like French. Today in French we were learning how to say which sports we like and dislike. Here is my dislike sentence written in French,

"Je detest le hockey!"

My teacher Monsieur Thompson says I am improving greatly. He thinks I will get a B plus in my GCSE French.

9.50: Second lesson

Second lesson today was Music. I love Music. We are working on the Kumpo a piece of African Drumming. It was great fun! I even got to be the Master Drummer! Our music teacher told me that as I am in her form as well I had to do GCSE music. I really want to do Music.

10.50: Form Group

Always at this time we go to our form bases for an hour. As I am in year nine it is especially important that I go to these form groups to be advised on what we should be doing in school. My best friend Frankie is in my form group. We're in all the same classes. I don't mean to boast but I'm smarter than her. All my teachers say "Miss Thimble why don't you hang out with some other people rather than, well her?" and I say back to them Sir/Madam I hang out with her cos' she's fun and we can have a laugh together.

11.50 Break time

At this time is the time I have to do a bit of revising. Today as I'm writing this I had to do some revising, well I say some, I mean a lot for a Science Exam I have next lesson. it's a mock Year 10 GCSE paper. It was meant to be next week but our Science teacher moved it forwards as some people are going on holiday next week. Like me.

12.15 Science Exam!

My revision paid off! I got an A in my paper. I am so proud of myself! Highest Mark in the class. Oh yeah! It's so cool!

1.15 Fourth Lesson

This lesson is English. Top set. Today we had a cover lesson so we were carrying on with our Reading Assessments. Have you ever read 'The Tulip Touch'? It's really bad.