Tell Yourself

Close your eyes

You need to breathe

Judge the situations size

Try not to seethe

It's alright

Just stay calm

You don't want to fight

Get your nails away from your palm

Now get over it

You need to smile

Ignore your lip you just bit

It shouldn't be awhile

There you go

Your doing fine

Time to go? No

Don't cross that line

Put a laugh here

A comment there

Talk to your peer

I know you don't care

It's good to act nice

You want to be good

Even if your hearts in a vice

You wouldn't be mean even if you could

Don't let them see you sad

That's the worst you could do

Don't let them see you mad

That's bad too

I know you hate this

You just want this to end

Just act like you're in bliss

So yourself, you don't have to defend

Oops say your goodbye

You can relax now

Let out that sigh

Now you can break down, I allow

I'm sorry for things being like they are

What else can you do though?

Keeping your friends just so far

Acting like everyone's your foe

Hopefully it will be done soon

Then you can smile without me

Sleep when there's a moon

And be fine with giving someone your heart and key

For now I'll be here

To protect you from you

To tell you when your eyes tear

To give you a clue

Don't look in the past anymore

Try and look ahead

I know you're hurting and sore

But try not to go to your bed

I know things are rough

And you think every thing sucks

But you have to act tough

And hope things change with some luck