I'm Gonna Draw A Picture

I'm gonna draw a picture,
A picture with a twist,
I'll draw it with a razor,
I'll draw it on my wrist,
And If I've done it correctly,
A line of red will appear,
And the stings that are running through me
Will be mixed in with a tear.

I'm gonna draw a picture,
Shallow in my flesh,
I'm gonna draw my picture,
So I don't have to refresh,
And as that single drop appears,
I know I've done it right,
For when that little drop shows up,
I know my fears take flight.

I'll draw you up a picture,
You know it won't be missed,
With a razor as my pencil,
And the paper as my wrist,
I know the pictures last long,
And they don't do much for you,
But they heal my soul and mind,
And make me feel brand new.

I've drawn myself a picture,
I've drawn it up real well,
I know you hate my picture,
But I can't stop it.

I can't.

A/N: This is the Original Version of this poem.