A creative writing assignment - we had to circle words to use at the end of the sentences (like With my tongue I catch and it could be snowflakes, butterflies, or shooting stars...it came out to be really interesting) It's written from the POV of a little kid running around on their street doing things that everyone thinks is weird.

I catch the butterflies on my tongue
or at least I try, chasing after them with my tongue stuck out
and asking them to wait up.

I carry foxes in my berry basket
to protect them from the world.
I tried to bring one home one day
but my mother wouldn't let me have him.

I ask the man next to me, "Is that your tail?"
as I point at the thing protruding from my butt.
He looks at me as if I'm crazy
and I wag it for him a little.

I sit there in the middle of the road
and eat my hat -
I made it out of fruit roll ups
and it tastes like strawberry.

I make hens tell the truth,
demanding them to tell me
what they've discovered is the meaning of life.

I stand in the street playing my ax,
I get a lot of weird looks with that!