A/N: Sorry that this chapter took so long for me to get up. I had a lot of things in real life that came up, namely college-related issues.

As the blood-soaked man continued approaching, he suddenly raised his arm. The shiny gleam of a partially expose knife blade, also smeared with blood, reflected the light.

Then without warning, it happened. The man charged. Just like that, he was almost face to face with Ajax preparing to plunge the knife into his chest. However, as knife fell, instinct caused Ajax grabbed the man's arm, stepped to the side, and tripped the attacker to the ground using his own weight and momentum.

"There's your first Judo lesson," Ajax said as he moved fast to disarm the man and put handcuffs around his wrists. "Use your opponent's own weight and momentum against them."

The man remained silent, but continued struggling. He was no psychologist, but the man was obviously out of it. If the man and walls were this blood-soaked, he hated imagining what his wife looked like. However, Ajax let out a sigh of relief was the handcuffs clicked into place. The man wouldn't be hurting anyone anytime soon. If only this could have happened sooner, for his wife. Or ex-wife, whatever. Speaking of which, now came the part to make it all worse.

But before that happened, a concerned neighbor appeared at the door.

"Is everything okay?" a voice from the door asked.

"No, it doesn't look that way now," Ajax replied to the apparent concerned neighbor. "I advise though to stay a safe distance away though. Please return to your apartment for the time being."

The woman nodded and scooted off. After she did, Ajax unlocked one of the handcuffs on the man and attached it to the leg of the table. He obviously wasn't going to cooperate and until those wailing sirens in the distance got there, he couldn't leave the man alone. Handcuffed or not, he was still a big liability. But the man wasn't about to drag such a large table anywhere. Not without being noticed anyway.

Ajax sighed as he approached the room the man had come out of.

"This is the police," Ajax called out in the hopes someone would reply, although he knew otherwise. "Are you okay in there?"


Ajax entered the room. A motionless body rested on the bed. He sighed as he grabbed the walkie-talkie.

"This is Officer Maddox," Ajax said. "I'm still at the domestic disturbance call. We've got a murder on our hands now. I'm going to need additional units and the coroner. Over."

It wasn't long before wailing sirens grew louder as they approached. Meanwhile, Ajax put his walkie-talkie back in its place and walked back into the area of the kitchen he had left the man handcuffed to find him struggling against the handcuffs. The bewildered man looked to the point that he wasn't far from being willing to gnaw his wrist off to break free.

"Relax," Ajax said. "You'll be free of your handcuffs soon. Then you'll have a nice long vacation in prison."

The man simply let out an indistuinguishable noise in reply.

As Ajax waited for backup to arrive, he couldn't get over the fact that there was something off-putting about the man. Of course they weren't here for a barbeque, but there something else. Something more. For one. sweat poured from the man. He could almost swim in those clothes. But that in itself wasn't anything to write home about under the circumstances.

Except for it was near freezing in the apartment.

In addition, if he had to find a word to best describe how the man was starting to act, the his actions was becoming increasingly incoherent. But the man did just butcher his wife with a knife. Chances are he was not going to be the most coherent person around. He could see an insanity plea coming already.

Nonetheless, minutes passed and, despite the heavy sweating, the man seemed to increasingly calm down as time passed. By the time other officers arrived, the man's heavy breathing had long since began to slow.

"Hey Ajax," one of the officers said. "Where's the wife?'

Ajax turned towards the door.

"She's in the back," Ajax replied. "The last room on the right. Come on, I'll go back there with you." He looked at one of the other officers that had come in with Officer Rodriguez. "Can one of you guys take care of him?"

Ajax and the other officer walked to the bedroom.

"Wow," the officer said. "It's a bloodbath in this apartment, isn't it?"

"Unfortunately," Ajax replied. "I just hope the coroner won't take too long getting here."

That's when a bad situation became even worse. Back in the front of the apartment, one of the officers screamed in pain. Ajax and the other officer ran back into the room with their hands hovering above their guns.

"Damn it!" Ajax heard the officer say as he entered the living room. The same officer was holding his left hand and was doubled over. "He bit my hand!"

"Did he break the skin?" Ajax asked.

"Yeah," the officer replied. "He ripped part of the skin off my hand! It hurts like hell."

As a matter of fact, the handcuffed man was still acting like a caged animal snapping its jaws at food it just couldn't reach. He looked like he would tear into the officer if he could get his hands on him. His short-lived calm demeanor was now animal-like.

Perhaps the insanity plea wasn't such a bad idea, after all.

"Come on," Ajax said. "You need to get to the hospital."

Would this night ever end? How did this otherwise relatively simple call turn out in a hellish way? Ajax mentally sighed and looked forward to seeing Anna Leigh, his best friend since meeting her in college, the next morning. Always the bright spot of the day she was.

And looking back into the bloody apartment, he thought that bright spot would blind him.