The first time Robin saw Ewan take all of Ross' cock down his throat, she couldn't decide if it was the hottest thing she had ever seen, or the most disturbing. (Lying in bed that night, knickers soaked and fingers frantic against her clit, she conceded that it had been hot.) Ewan had had no idea she had seen them at all. She was just in the library to do a bit of research. The interesting sounds had caught her attention. The old-fashioned, massive keyhole had provided the view. And it was glorious. Ewan, on his knees in front of his shorter, stockier friend, sucked Ross' cock until the other boy came across his lips. She had left, then, not wanting to be caught.

The second time Robin saw Ewan suck Ross off, she stayed to see if anything else happened. He stood, and Ross obligingly leaned over the nearest table. Ewan gently lubed them both up, and slid his cock into Ross. She watched as they writhed against each other, Ewan pressing hard forward and Ross half-hard again himself, until Ewan shouted something and stilled. She could not decide if it had been 'Robin', or 'Ross'. (Lying in bed that night, two fingers inside of herself and two in her mouth, wishing it was half as good as Ewan's cock had looked, she wished it had been her name, though logically it shouldn't have been.)

The third time Robin saw Ewan on his knees, she touched herself in the library. A small silver vibrator had been purchased, and was quickly shoved into her knickers and switched on. Robin came four times watching the boys suck each other's cocks, before Ewan obligingly spread his legs and Ross fucked him. She came a fifth time when Ewan shouted that unintelligible name again, his come spilling out onto his stomach. She couldn't decide who she was more jealous of, Ross or Ewan. (Lying in bed that night, her sturdy new silicone dildo inside of her, the harness she had purchased along with it tossed aside for the moment, she admitted she envied Ross more, because he was the one fucking Ewan, and receiving Ewan's attention.)

The fourth time Robin saw Ewan on his knees for anyone, it was years later, in front of her. His tongue pulled and flicked at her clit, and she came with his name on her lips. She came again with his cock inside of her, finally, hard and incredibly huge—had Ross felt so tight and stretched out? Could anyone feel so wonderful as she did right that moment?—and he whispered her name as he came, too. She couldn't decide if she should be turned on or just amused that he had some mental catalogue of positions to try with her. (Lying in bed the next night—for Ewan had kept her all day and then some—with her broken ankle elevated and feeling woozy from the pain medication, it seemed like the funniest thing in the world; the sweet look but lack of kiss he gave her, however, cut deeply.)

The fifth time Robin saw Ewan kneel, it was to take her cock in his mouth. A few extra years of heartache were worth it for this—for him—and she grinned as she fucked his mouth. She couldn't decide if she should demand he fuck her, hard, now, or if she ought to take his arse. (Lying in bed that night, sated, Robin was happy with option c: both.)

Robin lost count after the sixth time.