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Prologue: of Blood and Flames

"Run Kaira, run!" the little girl heard the frantic voice that came from behind her. She felt a hard push in her back that almost made her fall, and propelled forward, she did as she was told.

She could feel the overpowering heat. All around she could see the red glow of the flames as the village was slowly burning to the ground.

Her tears aggravated her already smoke-blurred vision as they ran down her soot-smeared face. Her legs kept moving desperately as she tripped and stumbled, dodging the flames. A house crashed in front of her, nearly burying her, and frightened by the dancing tongues of fire before her eyes, she let out a shriek. Her mother grabbed her hand, and pulled her along as she ran.

"You must not die Kaira, you mustn't!" tears were streaming from her mother's eyes. But Kaira, though young as she was, could sense that they were more than tears of fear and concern.

"Where's father?" Kaira shouted. A sense of foreboding filled her, and she could feel herself choking up.

Her mother did not answer, and continued to run. Amidst all the pandemonium, she forced herself to remain calm, in hope of keeping her child from seeing such evil, such chaos, such corruption...

Suddenly, she felt a strong force pulling her back. Kaira tried with all her might to stay rooted to the ground, pulling hard on her mother's arm to ensure that she would stop running. "Where is he?" her daughter demanded, her voice barely heard above the shrieks of women, the cries of children and the clashing of metal as swords were swung and lives taken. The middle-aged woman panicked as her daughter turned and ran, back towards the terror that they were running from.

Her daughter only ran a few feet ahead when she stopped. The eight-year-old's body became rigid with fear as she saw the horror of what was really happening.

Men of the village held their sickles and shovels, charging towards the soldiers on horses, in a brave effort to protect their homes. People were slaughtered mercilessly by the soldiers as they sliced their swords through the air, people she knew—neighbours, friends, relatives… The flames seemed to cackle merrily at their deaths, they themselves swallowing people up, and the ear-piercing shrieks were a mix of agony and grief as people were consumed by the fire. Smoke billowed, and Kaira could feel it filling up her lungs in an attempt to suffocate her; yet, she refused to move. More houses slowly crumbled, sending sparks flying through the air, burning Kaira's skin; still, she continued to scan the area desperately for her father.

There! Kaira felt a wave of relief wash over her as she saw her father still alive and kicking as he wielded a hoe, swinging it with great strength and clumsiness. She was about to call out to him when a soldier came galloping from behind, lance held in hand. Her eyes widened, as she watched the lance pierce through her fathers body, his whole being lifted up by the lance as the soldier swung the weapon, casting her father's body to one side as he charged for his next victim.

Kaira stared at the prone body of her father lying before her, blood flooding the ground. She tried to speak, but she could only make soundless movements of her lips. Her chest seemed to be bound tight, and she couldn't breathe, not because of the smoke, but because of the horror and grief that seized her…

She did not resist when her mother picked her up and swung her onto her shoulders. Her limp body swayed with her mother's regular rhythm of running as she stared at her father's body. She felt an emptiness within her, all energy and spirit in her gone.

The two slowly moved further and further away from the fiery village and headed into a forest. The clanging of metal still rang in Kaira's ears, and the visions of blood in the air resurfaced in her mind repeatedly.

It was dark. Her mother groped about in the darkness, hoping to find a place where they could stop and rest. Her eyes darting to and fro, she crashed through the trees.

Finally, she escaped the maze of trees, and collapsed as she entered the clearing. She slowly lowered her daughter onto the ground.

She felt a stab of pain as she watched her daughter. Kaira knelt on the ground and gazed into the distance, seemingly oblivious to everything around her. Her mother felt tears coming to her eyes, and she longed to cry out in anguish. She had failed. She could not protect her daughter, and now her daughter had lost her childish innocence to the darkness of the world…

"Search the forests! Don't leave any survivors!"

"Yes sir!"

The woman panicked. They were coming.

She was about to pick up her daughter and run when the soldiers barged into the clearing. She froze, and fearful, turned around. She could feel her daughter clutching her hand tightly, and before she even had the chance to take a good look at the eyes of her murderer, a sword was thrust through her throat. She held the sword, and struggled to say some words to her daughter, but there were only croaky murmurs that came out. The sword was pulled out, and she fell to the ground.

Kaira stared distressed at the gruesome mess. Sobs were rising in her throat, but she was too frightened to let them out. Father… Mother… Her heart tore apart as she looked into her mother's eyes, now filled with nothing but death. Tears were streaming down her cheeks, but she didn't even know she was crying.

"Aw… the poor thing."

"Do we have to kill her?"

"Commander said to leave no survivors, not even women and children! We should do as we're told! Take the girls' life!"

"But she's just a kid; she'd die out here anyway."

All of a sudden, Kaira could feel herself trembling with rage, her hands clenched into fists. They took father and mother from me! They only know how to kill! They don't deserve to live!

Kaira glanced at the blood-stained sword that was lying just a few feet from her, the one that had been used to kill her mother. She could almost hear the gritting of her teeth, and she could feel fury burning in her tearful eyes. Murderous thoughts of anger filled her, and she lunged for the sword.

"What the—"

Kaira had swung the sword blindly, and unknowingly slashed the back of a soldier—the one who had taken her mother from her. One swing was all it took to end her enemy's life. Blood spurted out from his wound and onto her face, as the soldier collapsed to the ground. Somehow, her eyes were gleaming with the sweetness of revenge; the joy of killing tainted her mind. She stared at the sword, now tinted a deep shade of red, and stifled a laugh. Her eyes were wide, her face a contorted mixture of happiness and desperation, the child she once was now lost, forever.

"Get the kid!"

Another soldier came dashing towards her, and she held her breath in fear as his sword came down on her. She clutched the sword, and with a strength born of hatred, swung it again. Clang! The two swords clashed, the impact so severe that it almost brought Kaira down to her knees. The soldier continued putting pressure on the sword, and Kaira's arms were aching from her first attempt at holding a weapon. She couldn't endure it any longer, and she was sent to the ground. She saw a glint of steel coming towards her, and instinctively rolled away quickly before the soldier's sword could slash through her, his weapon piercing through the ground instead.

His sword was stuck to the ground; whilst he was struggling to release the blade from its captor, Kaira bolted forward for a stab. Her hands, after cutting through the soldiers chest, were soaked with fresh, dripping blood, warm, its smell overpowering.

Two down...Fatigue crawled up to her body, and she couldn't help but allowed herself to kneel down, sword supporting her. Briefly, she scanned her eyes, filled with raging hatred, around. Two more to go.

She was panting, her arm throbbing with pain from swinging the heavy sword. She couldn't keep up with what she was doing anymore, yet she yearned to see all the soldiers dead.

Panic seized her as one of the soldiers came charging towards, skillfully plunging his sword towards her. Faster, stronger, and definitely older than the previous two, this soldier could easily take her down. Kaira held her breath, and squinting her eyes shut, brought up the sword to defend herself.

There wasn't even the clash of metal. Kaira heard the loud thud as the soldier fell to the ground and slowly opened her eyes. The soldier's wound was severe; multiple cuts were slashed across his back, each gruesomely gaping open to reveal a bloody mess of raw flesh.

She heard a moan, and her eyes darted to the last remaining soldier. He had already collapsed to the ground, and a man pulled his sword out from his the deceased body, before disappearing into the shadows. Kaira's mind was filled with questions, but she was too tired to go after him. Her eyes roved around, and came to rest on one soldier.

Dragging the sword, she walked towards the bloody mess of the one who had slain her mother. She stared at his body, and could feel a burning rage seething within her once again. She lifted up the sword, and stabbed him. Once. Twice. She moved her arms continuously, lifting up the sword and plunging it down again, getting faster and faster each time. She let out a cry, and wailed in distraught as she cut the body up.

"Are you done?"

Kaira stopped, the body now so disfigured it had become a mishmash of blood and flesh, and limbs could no longer be identified, the soldier unrecognizable. Kaira flung the sword aside, and frustrated, turned to face the speaker.

"I saw everything." The man's voice echoed. He stood in the shadows, face to the ground, and Kaira could not see what he looked like.

She did not respond.

"You're talented with the sword."

Kaira still remained silent.

"You want revenge, don't you?"

Kaira's body tensed up upon hearing the word 'revenge'. Her hands were clenched into fists once more.

"Do you think killing is wrong?" The voice was calm, but Kaira's was not.

"Of course it's wrong! They killed father! They killed mother! They are all wrong!" She screamed, tears brimming in her eyes as she once again remembered the dead.

"Then, aren't you wrong too?" The man smiled and looked down on her. This was the first time Kaira saw his face. He was in his twenties, perhaps. He had a sharp jaw line, and his long flowing hair was pulled back into a tail. He was smiling, but his narrow eyes showed no joy. Kaira couldn't sense any emotion in him, even though he was smiling.

Kaira was angered by what he said. "They're evil. They deserved it," she muttered.


Kaira could not understand this man. He was so strange, so mysterious, so elusive. She shivered. What was he trying to say?

"You killed to rid of evil. What are important are your intentions, not what you did. Killing is not wrong, neither is it right. But what you did was right, and what they did was wrong.

"I lead a group of assassins. We're known as 'Oblivion'. We fight against the government. Your parents were killed by the government. They do many evil things to commoners, and we are trying to fight against that.

"We kill to protect. Nothing more. We kill soldiers and government assassins who threaten to kill the people of this country, so as to protect these people."

The man made no effort to elaborate. It was concise, and his tone was cold. It was as though he was void of emotion, incapable of feeling.

"You are talented. I wish to train you, to become one of us, and avenge your parents. What is your name?"


"So I see. Would you like to join us, Kaira?"

Kaira did not say anything for a while, deep in thought. To her surprise, he did not press her for an answer, and he continued his steady gaze at her.

Kaira nodded, and amazingly, the man had noted such a small movement.

"We begin training tomorrow."

Hi. I've edited it quite a bit. Addressing some issues you guys have brought up:

Man should not talk so much, especially since he's cold.

I don't mean cold in the Don't-talk-to-me-I-don't-want-to-talk-to-you, silent, indifferent manner. I meant that he was emotionless and cold-hearted. Unable to feel, yes, but not unable to speak or express thoughts. He can babble on if he wants to, just without any feeling in his speech.

Even if Kaira is talented, she can't possibly kill so many trained soldiers. It's unrealistic.

Well, I've cut the numbers down from 4 to 2. And regarding training, well, not all soldiers are trained. Some soldiers are just boys from poor families who are forced to fight, and they do not always have training. If soldiers are needed, they are just recruited from the streets, and some of them go to war without having wielded a sword before. And some of them are really young, possibly only 12 (which is only 4 years older than Kaira). And about Kaira being too young and weak to hold a sword, let's say she helps out in the fields. If she can hold hoe I guess she ca hold a sword too?

The part in the forest is actually quite reminiscent of Darth Bane: Path of Destruction when he finds his apprentice. Serious. Careful if you meet any Star Wars fans; they may accuse u of plagiarism.

Well, I've never read Darth Bane: Path of destruction, or watched star wars. Any similarities are purely coincidence.

If it was so dark Kaira's mother had to grope around, how could Kaira see such detail while she was fighting?

It's a clearing. Less trees, more light.

To kill someone by just slashing his back is really hard to do. You have to break his spinal cord.

Cool info. But I really don't know how to solve this problem. Sadly, I'm an F student when it comes to biology.

Fantasy stories don't usually have a government. There's usually a king or a group of rulers.

Yeah I thought about that, but 'king' or 'rulers' just didn't fit into the conversation. Government seemed best. Government also means a group of people who exercise authority (over a country or state), so I guess it should be ok. Please tell me if you have any better suggestions.

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