First Meeting Jay

The first time I saw Jay?

Oh gosh, it was an exciting evening. I remember it as if it were yesterday; sometimes it feels like it was yesterday!

I was at a New Year's Eve party; the floor was shaking from the loud speakers pouring their loud music, lights flashing, people mingling, a throb of bodies in the middle of the room. It was a great party, no doubt, always on the verge of becoming a dance but never quite reaching the point.

I was off to the side, leaning against the wood-paneled wall as I watched May flirt with a couple guys in our grade that I had seen around, but never actually talked to. I felt an impish smile tugging at my lips as she twirled around, her ruffled, mini skirt fluttering with the movement, and flicked her long hair over her shoulder before flouncing over to my side.

"Delilah!" she smiled, placing her drink carefully on the cabinet nearby. "Come meet these guys, they are so cute!" she gushed, grabbing my wrist and tugging me towards the boys. I followed after her, trying not to stumble or appear too fazed by May's eagerness.

"Hey," I smiled politely as we reached the guys, my eyes flickering between the two with something like perplexity. The one was short, around my height, with mysterious dark eyes and night-black hair; his friend was taller, with a messy tangle of tawny hair and angular features that suited him; a wicked smile was playing on his face.

"Darrel, Sam - this is my best friend, Delilah. Delilah - this is Darrel and Sam," May introduced us, shouting to be heard over the pounding music. I waved slightly, noticing that Darrel – the dark-haired one – kept returning his dark gaze to May.

Sam's brooding eyes were on my face, something sparkling in them – like he was laughing at a secret joke I wasn't aware of. But I ignored him.

"May, I'm thirsty, I'll be right back," I murmured into her ear, my voice barely audible above the music, but May heard me.

She turned to look at me, her warm brown eyes wide and startled. She brushed aside a stray strand of chocolaty brown hair. "Are you alright?" she asked curiously, anxiety flaring in her soft gaze like a wildfire, though it was hard to detect in the bright light.

I nodded, laughing lightly. "I'm fine," I replied sincerely. I was fine; I just wasn't in the mood for fooling around with some guys, not now anyways. With a small wave directed at the others, I turned around – and bumped into somebody.

Cool liquid spilled all over me as the glass fell to the floor and shattered into a million tiny flints of ice, alcohol staining my black top; thank God I hadn't worn white. The wry thought was swept from my mind as I pulled backwards, a sharp intake of breath stabbing at my chest as I turned to gaze at the person I had knocked into.

"Are you alright?" I asked anxiously, my eyes widening and my heart racing.

"I'm fine," he replied with a smile, blinking his cool jean-blue eyes as he gazed back at me. I felt myself blush, flames licking at my cheeks and burning my skin. He didn't seem to notice, or if he did, he did an amazing job at pretending he hadn't seen; his scorching blue eyes didn't leave mine, as if holding me captive. He was keeping me prisoner with his beautiful gaze; it was hard to look away.

"Tha-that's good," I stuttered softly as I finally averted my gaze, bending down to pick up the broken pieces of frosted glass. He had dropped to his knees as well, and his hand brushed against mine as he picked up the broken pieces, a flash of snow-pale skin against mine, which was still tanned from the summertime. My heart fluttered and I flinched, my hand quivering as I picked up the broken pieces of glass.

I scowled momentarily at my stupidity before wiping the frown away and replacing it with a smooth smile; I rose to my full height before handing him the pieces – he was just an inch taller than me, I noticed. His eyes glittered thoughtfully as he took the broken glass from my outstretched hand.

"Well, I'm . . . I'm sorry for, you know . . . bumping into you, like that," I finally apologized, before beginning to back away. It was dangerous staying near such a handsome guy for too long; I was getting all flustery and hot.

He shook his head, his mouth opening as if wanting to protest, but I cut him off before he could form the words.

"Well, see ya around, I guess." I flashed a quick smile at his gorgeous face, before spinning around and walking away; it took so much effort to control myself, to keep my pace even and effortless, not to break into a run.

As soon as I thought I was out of sight, I let loose my emotions. My eyes were wide open, and I could picture shock filling my green irises, it was as if I were staring at a mirror, my image staring straight back. I quickly made my way over to the nearest couch, pushing past laughing teenagers and sinking into the comfy cushions, saving me before my knees could give in. My hands flickered in front of me, wild, golden-winged butterflies fluttering around nervously.

After I had gotten over the initial shock, I glanced back in the direction I had come from, now maintaining relatively good control of my facial features. Had that been real?I wondered silently, my eyes narrowed as I tried to find his figure – but he seemed to have disappeared among the throng of seniors eager for the New Year.

Suddenly, I saw a flicker of movement from the corner of my eye. I turned around slowly, calmly, and was surprised to see him.

"Hey," he smiled as he sat beside me. "You ran off so fast, I didn't catch your name." My heart fluttered faster than it had before, if that were possible, and it was so loud I feared he might hear it even above the music. But I took a deep breath, and hoped that I'd keep my cool.

"Oh. It's Delilah – I'm Delilah," I replied softly, the blaring music fading away to a barely-noticeable hum in the back of my mind. I smiled, rearranging my body so that my legs were angled towards him.

"Hello Delilah. That's such a pretty name, it's got a lovely ring to it . . . I'm Jay. Jay Edwards," he responded after a moment, and it suddenly struck me.

Of course his name was Jay. His eyes were the colour of a blue jay's sapphire-feathered wings. Why I hadn't seen it before, I had absolutely no clue. But my smile grew wider and I felt my heart calm down until it resumed its steady beating.

"Hello Jay."

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