Hey everyone. If you don't already know this was written for a friend of mine
yada yada yada. It probably sucks but r/r and tell me what you think anyway

When all you can see are people who hate you
Who act phony and smile
But in their hearts they despise you
When to your face they are nice and friendly
But behind your back
They bitch and laugh
And you feel the pain they cause
Just because you are different
Because you're out of place
Like a flower in the weeds
Just remember that you are the flower
They are the weeds
If you believe
You shall succeed
And if you work for it
You shall succeed
And they shall fall
And later on
It just might be
That they will be the ones
Long from now
That are serving you coffee
Are cleaning your office
Or asking for a loan
For you have succeeded
And they have fallen
What goes around comes around
This which you have proven