Wings & Roses.

You've always asked me

if I think about you

but do you think about me?

there's not day I stop wondering

what it had happened if...

I'm always lost, asking

myself where I am?

don't wait for me if you're

the first to arrive at the goal.

Beautiful wings were made for you

not to fly too close to the sun

or you'll get burned

nor too close to the sea

or you'll get drowned

don't risk everything you have

you can win but to lose too.

How many times have you been confused

without knowing what to do?

the answer close and unattainable

spread your hand towards the sky

imagine the thing you most want to have

can you feel the excitement that invade you

to think someday it'll be yours?

The broad bean color of

your eyes it reminds me

the autumn when the leaves fall

I feel caught in your sorrow

as warm as a sunlight

are you in that sky?

Beatiful dreams are what you have

don't sleep too much or you won't wake up

Beautiful memories make you laugh

don't seize on neither past nor future

the present is... today your wings were cut

even so you didn't stop flying

a rose in place of you

a rose in place of you

don't stop flying... never.