One Wolf Whistle

One wolf whistle

(Score one, Plunging red dress)


(We have a winner

― A sashaying gaggle of one-size-too-small-but-that's-the-style jeans!)

Speech! Speech!

("Oh, well this is such an honour… I don't know what to say,")

Of course you don't, cupcake―

(Aside, Jeans: "He's totally checking you out, Miniskirt!")

A speech abandoned for that important update?

(Miniskirt –to Jeans-: "Eww, him?")

Since when are the guys being rated? Stay on topic.

(Jeans –upset-: "Don't point!!" Miniskirt: "What?... Do you LIKE him?! Aww...")

Bravo, incredible conclusion; completely relevant. Speech?

(Jeans: "Swear not to tell anyone?" Miniskirt: "Yes, you can ALWAYS trust me,")

Fingers crossed, how sly…

(Five minutes later, behind the curtain, Miniskirt: "Stilettos! You won't believe this, but…")

…Jeans! You're still standing at the podium!

If there's anything more to you, now's the time to prove it.

- One wolf whistle -

(One giggle)


("Thank you.")

I guess we'll have to wait until next year

(Intelligence didn't show up, and left Grace and Dignity at home without a ride.)