Sitting in the shade

Of trees that bring salvation

To my hopeless world

Somewhere in the sky

An owl sings a night-song

Aloof as the moon

No one remembers

That I really did survive

That horrid fire

Crow in midnight cloak

Hunched on fingers of the tree

Until he spreads wings

Smoky, tattered rags

Cloak my shivering body

Ghostly in the night

Demons dance in flame

Fire's fingers caress me

Lashes from its tongue

In the flames thoughts sway

Mocking me of a place I

Can never return

Smoke flies like gray doves

Ashes fall onto my skin

Like summer snowfall

Dust clouds my pupils

The world a swirling black hole

Embers shining through

Feather cinders fall

Kamikaze butterflies

Drifting as they die

Black hair, scarlet eyes

Beneath a sallow white face

My world up in flames

All clouds curl like smoke

All is fire and ash, always

All smoke in my eyes

Smoke chokes my lungs

A hand clutching tight my throat

I can't live much more

Under shady trees

That bring my one salvation

Slowly, I pass on