Wow. I cant believe its over. I can't say I'm not thankful. I am. I just wanted to finish that so I could write something else. There's a lot in this story I'm not happy with. I want to improve my writing, and hopefully I achieved that in part. I definitely prefer the later chapters to the first few. I think, like most of you probably will, that it may have ended suddenly. Hopefully that's only because I drew the last few chapters out so damn long. But the story is fast paced, and well, there was just nothing else I wanted to put in.

I just want to say thankyou to everyone, EVERYONE for reading my story and supporting me and reviewing etc etc, hopefully you will check out other of my works. Not the ones up there currently, but new ones, ones I want to write and try and improve my writing. I have a few ideas, but I find it hard to keep myself interested. I think I'll miss Ria a lot. And Bethany. Michel, yes, definitely haha. He's my ideal man. Stars in his eyes and all (sorry for how mushy that all was!)


Ciao folks,

Happy reading

Thanks again to everyone, especially my beta reader, so much patience!