Pancakes and Coffee

I remember your crinkly smile and those crooked teeth
And the way you tossed your hair.
I remember the deep laugh you had,
And your twinkling clear sky eyes.
(What went wrong?)
I remember the way you ate pancakes for breakfast
Whenever you felt troubled.
I remember the cup of sugar(free) milk(free) coffee
Always by your side.
I remember you used to tell me
That nothing is ever as bad as it seems.
I remember you saying,
"Just eat pancakes for breakfast and
A cup of sugar(free) milk(free) coffee,
And you will feel free."
This morning when I woke (at 11:59am)
I had pancakes for breakfast
That cup of sugar(free) milk(free) coffee
But I still felt downcast
Distressed, desolate, dejected.
(So what did I do wrong?)
Those pancakes
And that cup of sugar(free) milk(free) coffee
Only left me feeling hollow and empty
Like how you made me feel
When you left me.

A/N: Yeah... I kind of just stared up at the ceiling and typed this all out. It's a very rough draft. I haven't written like this in a while... most of the previous poems I've written are all rhyme. Please tell me what you think!