"Love at First Sight…"

(A Romeo and Juliet Tale)

Finally, it was the day of the Medieval Festival, one of the most awaited events in London. Medieval writer, Ethan Reyez, was sitting at his second book signing session today. The line up covered from the book store's entrance all the way to the festival's stage. He had a pen in hand and an opened book on his desk. He was signing it, but his mind was elsewhere.

"Um…Are you done Mr.Reyez?" asked a petite, blonde teen in front of him.

"Oh, I'm sorry, here." replied Ethan, handing her the signed book.

"Thank you!" she said with an unwavering smile as she left the line.

"Keith, can I end today's session early?" Ethan asked, looking back at his best friend and agent.

"Ethan, you know very well that would upset your fans, especially them." Keith replied pointing to the long line.

"Yeah, I know, but the festival will be starting in 20 minutes."

"Oh, alright."

"Thanks Keith! You're the best, I owe you one." Ethan said as he took the shoulder bag hanging over his seat, and quickly left the building.

"You sure do."

Facing the line of people, Keith announced, "Okay, people! Book signing's over for today! Mr.Reyez will be back tomorrow. Thank you, have a good day and enjoy the festival!", then he walked past the crowd and out the book store's front doors.

Ethan Reyez strutted off to the nearest public washroom. After making sure it was empty, he entered and closed the door, locking it. Then he wore a Renaissance flat cap, his medieval attire, had one last look at the mirror, gave himself a satisfied smile, and walked out into the open.

Everyone was dressed in medieval clothing. Women were clothed in elegant gowns; and men were clothed in tunics, garments of royalty, and knighthood armors. It was a magnificent sight to see, but Ethan had only one thing in mind, and that was to find the beautiful Elizabeth Evans. He saw her earlier today at his first book signing session, seven o'clock am; he could still remember it, every detail. She was standing in front of him, books in hand and with an enchanting smile on her face. She looked to be of the age of twenty to twenty-two. She had curling chestnut hair, a heart shaped face, emerald green eyes almost like his, but lighter. Her lips were scarlet red, with the perfect smile, and her cheeks blushed prettily when she spoke.

"Ethan Reyez, sir, good morning. Could you please sign my books?"

"Of course." Ethan replied as he took the stack of books from her. Their hands brushed against each other's briefly.

"Oh I'm sorry!" she quickly apologized, blushing, as she withdrew her hands placing them down on her thighs.

"It's okay." Ethan replied. Then their eyes met…he couldn't look away. She is the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. If he had a say, it would be that she's the most beautiful in the world!

"Ethan, Ethan!" Keith called bring him back to reality.

"Oh, Keith didn't see you there buddy!"

"If I'm not mistaken, I'd say it's that girl, she's got your mind locked onto her all day." replied Keith with a sure smile.

"Nah, I was just thinking" defended Ethan.

"Of her?" Keith asked, pestering him.


"I heard that she's to perform on the festival stage."

"She what?!"

"See, I told you, I'm always right." Keith replied, upholding himself, unaware that Ethan had already left for what may be love.

Ethan rushed to the festival's stage, grabbing one of the front seats he sat down, and waited. 'She's going to perform; I'm going to see her again.' he thought. "Hey! Don't leave your best friend for a girl, Ethan!" Keith called, catching up to him. Keith sat beside him, but before Ethan could respond, the stage curtains were raised. And there once again, right before his very own eyes, was the beautiful Elizabeth Evans – the girl of his dreams.

Elizabeth Evans sat down on the ivory black piano bench and began to play. Then Ethan heard a melodious angelic voice, it was as if he was in heaven. Keith noticed the moony look on Ethan's face and decided to wake him up.

"Hey lover boy, can't take your eyes off her huh?"

"She has a beautiful voice…" Ethan replied mesmerized.

"You got that right."

"Oh, I'm sorry Keith, what did you say?" Ethan asked, finally awake.

"You're in love!"

"No, I'm not."

"Then why did you have that moony look on your face?"

"Maybe it's just a simple crush."

"I say it's love at first sight."

Elizabeth played and sang wonderfully, her performance was a great success. A standing ovation was even given by her audience. Then she saw him, Ethan Reyez was watching her. He saw her perform! A smile formed on her face as she stared deep into his eyes. Keith looked back and forth at the two and knew; it was love at first sight…

"Go talk to her." Keith persuaded, gesturing Ethan towards the stage, and to the beautiful Elizabeth Evans.

"I can't" Ethan replied.

"What do you mean you can't? It should be the other way around! You're the author, she's the fan; it's she who's supposed to get the heebie-jeebies, not you!

In response, Ethan smiled, stifling a laugh; at the same time he noticed the beautiful Elizabeth Evans stepping down the stage. She was amazing!

"Hi…" he said shyly.

"Hello…" she replied, blushing.

"Um…that was a great performance you did up there; um…you have a very beautiful voice."

"Thank you."

Awkward silence, then Elizabeth laughed and said, "It's nothing compared to your writing, I mean, I can't believe I'm talking to the Ethan Reyez; and not only did he watch me perform, but now he's complimenting my performance, saying I did great!"

"Why, you don't think you did great?" he asked.

"I do." she answered.

"Then…" But before Ethan could continue his response, Elizabeth cut him off and explained, "I just never thought it would be great in Ethan Reyez standards."


"Told you." Keith whispered to Ethan.

"Keith!" Ethan replied in an irritated whisper.

"Ms.Evans, would you like to join us for lunch?" Keith asked her interrupting the author and fan conversation.

"I…I would be honored…um…can you just give me 5 minutes to get ready?" she shyly replied.

"Of course."

"Thank you."

As she left, the phrase 'I'm going to have lunch with Ethan Reyez!' repeated itself again and again in her mind; this was just too good to be true.

"Thank you" Ethan said, looking down at the floor.

"No problem! After all, what are buddies for?" Keith replied, patting Ethan's back.

"You don't think that this is just a simple crush do you? Ethan asked, looking back up at Keith.

"Nope, not at all, but don't worry you'll do just fine. After all, you are the Ethan Reyez." Keith replied, assuring him.

"But with you? I don't think so." Ethan joked.

"Hey!" came Keith's angry reaction.

"I was just kidding Keith." Ethan said as he laughed.

"I'm done." Elizabeth's voice fluttered into the men's conversation, bringing it to a sudden stop. "Well then let's go." Keith said, breaking the silence. And off they went.

The festival had all kinds of things, medieval food; antique shops; medieval and Shakespearean shows, exhibits, and plays; festival souvenir shops, contests; games; tournaments; and of course, it also had the present all-time favorite: fast-food stands. Keith led them to a near restaurant named "St. Albans". Today their menu was medieval themed, which was appropriate for the event. The place was packed with people, but as soon as Keith inquired for a table for the Ethan Reyez, a private room was quickly given to them. They were even given an exclusive service by the restaurant's manager who was to serve their table only. Keith ordered the best dishes on the menu "Gives us your top 4 dishes! Anything you believe is appropriate for the Ethan Reyez." He said.

"Yes sir." replied the restaurant manager, bowing before he left the room.

After the exquisite meal they had a chat, Elizabeth talked about herself and how thrilled she was for an opportunity like this. She just couldn't believe it! She was having a meal with the Ethan Reyez! She was to be the envy of every fan in the world! After so, she decided it was the men's turn to talk and asked Keith on how he met Ethan.

"Ethan is my long-time best friend, we've been together ever since first year university. Of course we didn't have the same courses but we still met each day. We were classmates in an English course you see, and our friendship began first as petty rivalry, which soon evolved into us becoming allies, and then friends. But our real journey as best friends started off when I lost my daughter Mary and my wife Annabelle."

"Oh I'm very sorry; you don't need to talk about it if you don't want to."

"It's ok, I've already started so I might as well continue and finish my story. My daughter, Mary, died of a car accident and Annabelle just couldn't take it. She also had been fighting cancer and, when she heard the news, she became critically ill and soon the cancer ended her life a year after. At that time, I thought I would not be able to live, I went through hell losing them and I just didn't know what to do. Ethan was there by my side all the way. He helped me get over my grief and not blame myself. With his help, finally I was able to put it all behind me. He has been my best bud ever since and until today that's how we are. And when Ethan asked me to become his agent I just couldn't say no."

Ethan was uneasy, not exactly embarrassed but uneasy, was he that great? If so, then how come he was having problems just asking a girl out? Wasn't he the Ethan Reyez? Just proves that everyone has their moments of uncertainty.

"Well then that was a hearty meal, why don't we do this again?" asked Keith after paying the bill.

"I would love to!" Elizabeth replied.

"Do you have a number in which we can contact you Ms.Evans?"

"Elizabeth please, here's my card" Elizabeth replied as she handed Keith a card. On it was her full name, profession, and mobile phone number.

"We'll keep in touch" said Keith as he bid her goodbye, left the table, and waited for Ethan.

After being quiet for the whole dinner, Ethan finally spoke.

"Um…It was a pleasure meeting you"

"The pleasure is all mine" replied Elizabeth.

"I hope you have a good day, and enjoy the festival, bye" he quickly said as he followed Keith out the door

"You should end it like that!" Keith lectured him as they left the restaurant

"I didn't know what to say!" defended Ethan

After walking a few steps away, Ethan then gave a relaxed sigh.

"Don't do that yet, it's only the beginning" said Keith, handing him the card

"What?!" replied Ethan surprised

"You're in for a long long journey my friend. A long long journey into paradise"

The End


"Author Ethan Reyez, now also known as Emmanuel Romeo Reyez Elric, has been spotted several times with a girl, who has been identified as Elizabeth Juliet Flores Evans. When questioned on their relationship, we were given a surprising reply! Yes, they are involved! From our inside scoop, author Ethan Reyez and his girlfriend Elizabeth Evans have been together for 4 months already, and are still very much in love with each other!" reported the newscaster on Today's News.

"Romeo and Juliet ey…do you think they'll last? Or end up like the classic?" asked her co-reporter beside her.

"This is Krystal Jennings and Jon Smith from Today's News with the latest scoop on everything! Tune in daily for more! Thank you for watching and have a good night!"