the bedroom door was slightly open,
and tangled bedsheets could be seen from the entryway.

she was ready to fall over in a similar heap
but as she started to unfold the sheets she
realized there was something wrapped in them.

in the way of a little child at Christmastime,
she unfolded them and unfolded them all the
while hoping it was something lovely;
something pure, something new, something
that would just shake her world.

and her world started shaking the oxygen
from her lungs...the sight was breathtaking
in a way she didn't expect. was her clear glass heels, with the diamonds
that refracted light in the most pristine forms of
art along her plainly decorated walls.

the shoes added life to her room and gave
a new form of life to her heart.

it was more than a pair of shoes,
it was a calling.

for so long that same masterpiece in her,
the beauty, the life, the gifts that she had
been given were hidden up inside of her.
she was discouraged from fulfilling her

(by everyone including herself.)

her latent beauty and destiny now
reflected in a pair of glass shoes.

a new journey was beginning right there:
the lights went out from her room and this shy girl
was filled with a new sense of direction.

glass shoes, as fragile as the bodies it had carried,
pointed a small girl in the right direction.

who said that miracles couldn't happen?