I.O.U / Headphones

They tell me to throw away these headphones,
But I apperceive that the house open for everyone
To embrace as their home would seem unreachable
If I did because your voice rejoicing in song,
No matter how discordant it may become, is the
Inspiration I have to keep me going on this journey
To fulfill the requirement of paying back my I.O.U

And even though I've alluded to the fact I am the
Last person on earth that would hammer my heart
Into their fence for a wage which cannot buy
Happiness, they still beckon me to disremember you,
Step into the corner and undress my current hope
So that the ersatz can touch my exposed frame
With sly hands used only for personal pleasure

Because they don't understand that I cannot keep
What isn't mine to use with honesty and love, unlike
The grace of your actions which has opened up a
Galaxy to aim towards with my all and has also
Persuaded me to embrace the beauty of who I am
At a time when nothing seems to make sense
As the sandstorm blows granite into my broken eyes

For you have shown me how to remove my high heels
And have the confidence to run barefoot, knowing that
I will always stand tall if there is faith, futhermore, you
Have warned me that falling for the urge to put on my
Sunglasses may not be the most intelligent action because
Openly looking at the light, no matter how blinding it
May become, has the ability to diminish hidden darkness.

Therefore, I will continue towards my kismet of
Positivity with this knowledge and will keep brushing
Away their actions of rodomontade, but, I will also be
Putting forward the invitation for them to join me on
This quest, clearing emphasising that I don't allow
Unauthorised back-seat driving to interfere with this
Heart of mine that has found its way once again...