Author's Note: After grazing over the several chapters of this story, I couldn't help but want to fix the errors and issues in the storyline. I was somewhat disgusted at the things that I dared to write. (This is why proofreading is SO important.) Enjoy the revised version; it may or may not be any different from the original.


Fagging; the informal apprenticeship of a young male student to an older male student. Unfortunately, Adymn Ransom is one of the kids who have been drawn into the old town ritual. Under the rule of a senior by the name of Hogan Sigfried, Adymn knows that he won't be coming out of 'fagging' unscathed. But farther into his little jobs, things begin to turn from hilariously cruel to just plain strange.


My first day of moving to Port Eagledon was probably the most exciting moment that I had ever experienced (as of late). I remembered opening my eyes to something new, something different, other than the appearance of a stretching countryside. In my old town, Sodberry, the only thing you saw around you were livestock, barefoot children, tall weeds, crops, and loud, walking stereotypes.

But I had a feeling in Port Eagledon I was going to see new things.

I couldn't wait to see the stores, I couldn't wait to meet the people, I couldn't wait to see my new home; I couldn't wait to see the whole entire town.

Another thing that I was excited about was my new school. I had long since said goodbye to ragged desks, outdated books, and grossly stuck up teachers, and was now saying hello to what I thought as a place where my desk would be nice, shiny and new, my books would be current, and that my teachers would be so considerate that I would never want to leave school. And then I imagined the students; I wasn't exactly a social butterfly, but maybe moving here would change my whole entire perspective on meeting new acquaintances.

I thought surely that moving to a new area would be a new experience—

But, of course, things have a way of not working out in my favor.

Adymn glumly stared at the school uniform that his mother had casually thrown on his bed; making a low, exasperated grunt, he lifted it up and stared at it, cursing mentally at the thought of having to once again fit his body into yet another school uniform. He looked over his shoulder for a moment, staring at the ticking clock hanging on his wall. He had nearly an hour before his mother would send him carting off to his new school. Although he had been a little disgusted and turned off by the school uniform, the thought of finally going to his new school and meeting new people made him flutter a little on the inside. He thought maybe for once he would me someone that was actually capable of being a long time friend.

Seeing his sudden glee, he gave himself a weird look in the mirror.

"Why the heck am I so excited? I'm acting like a little school girl." He spoke to himself as he trudged over to his bed, slinging his backpack over his shoulder and making his way towards the door; changing his mind, he backtracked, giving himself one, last quick daze in the mirror.

Okay, Adymn, he thought to himself as he stared once again at his reflection in the mirror, it's a brand new day. You have brand new clothes—that you won't be able to wear at school, unfortunately—, and you're about to venture into a new world. He reached out to his side, swiping up his glasses before he forgot them again.

Giving himself one more twisted look, he finally turned and opened the door and made his way down the steps. Surprisingly, he found his mother rushing back and forth in the kitchen with a cup full of hot, steaming coffee in her hand. Blinking in confusion, he settled down in one of the wooden chairs at the table and took note of how much she was pacing. He thought surely she had to go to work early—which meant he would probably have to catch the bus.

Damn, was mainly the first thought that came to his mind.

"Morning, mom," he said as he watched her flee pass the table and over to the counter. He made a small face when he didn't get an instant response, but after his mother retrieved something from the drawer, she turned to him, giving him a quick smile.

"Good morning, sweetheart. I woke up late." She made a nervous laugh and flung her purse onto the table. "Sorry, but I won't be able to—"

"—take me to school, right? It's okay; I understand your new job is important." He gave her a smile, but truly on the inside he was frowning. It had been like this ever since he could remember; probably ever since he was born.

She made a small face and raised the cup of coffee to her mouth and then lowered it hurriedly. "Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. It's just I want to make a great impression on my first day on the job and I want to be extra early," smiling a little, she walked over to Adymn, wrapping her arms around his neck and nestling her head against his, "I'm glad you understand. Thank you."

He managed to somehow wrap his arm around her back, returning her embrace. He eyed the basket of apples and oranges in the middle of the table and made a low sigh.

"Your welcome," he spoke.

His mother made a soft smile and pulled back as she grabbed her purse. "Well, sweetheart, while we were at the school, I checked to see if a bus went by. You'll be happy to know one does! So, you won't have to settle for walking. And since I won't be able to tell you to have a good day at your new school, I'll tell you now!" She walked over to him, applying her lipstick at the same time, and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Have a GREAT DAY AT SCHOOL—AND THE BUS SHOULD BE HERE AT ABOUT SEVEN TWENTY." Adymn nodded his head in reply and turned in his chair, watching as his mother started walking towards the door. "Um, make sure you have all your things. . . And be nice to your new teachers—SUCK UP TO THEM. Sucking up to teachers could get you into good colleges—"

"Mom," Adymn said as he flashed an odd look at her.

His mother made a quick giggle and immediately recovered by opening the front door. Looking over her shoulder, she blew her son a long, (hopefully long-lasting) kiss.

"Have fun at school, sweetie!"

And with that, she left out of the house, closing the door behind her. The only thing that Adymn could get out of his mouth was a small, interrupted squeak; he made a low sigh as he stared at the empty house that he had all to himself. As exasperated as ever, he stood to his feet and swiped up his backpack in an unintentionally angry manner; he turned towards the door in one, swiping movement.

"Damn it, Mom," he said in spite of how his mother continuously told him how sorry she was, "You're never around when I start a new school. We've moved over five times, and yet—"

There was a moment when a certain sound reached his ears, interrupting his angry chant about his mother. He went completely silent. Oddly, it sounded familiar. He couldn't lay a finger on it, but each second it became louder and louder to the point where it sounded like it was just in one place—really close to his home.

He blinked and made a small peek out the window.

The bus: and it was steadily going pass his house.

Fully alert now, he cursed and darted out of the door of his home, hoping to catch the bus before it actually turned the corner. Unfortunately for him, being non-athletic was his main con. He found himself breathing roughly as the bus drove away in the distance.

"Oh, what a nice way to start the day."

Adymn still had no idea how he managed to make it school on time; his lack of exercise was probably what made it seem like the school was so far away (when, in fact, it was only blocks away). By the time he reached school, he was breathing heavily and his voice was raspy and squeaky; all of the running and fear of being late for his first day of school had gotten to him and he had deliberately rushed himself down the long sidewalks of his neighborhood. As tired as he was, he didn't let himself rest for long. Catching sight of his new schoolno castlehe found himself unable to speak.

He had been so use to seeing small, miniature school buildings. In Sodberry, everything was small. His school had been so small that there was an overflow of students and some had to be sent to a school that was at least an hour away. His school had been so tiny that just a few steps out of the cafeteria, you would suddenly be standing in a classroom. Oddly enough, there had been a classroom right next to the cafeteria; it had been pretty nifty to just be by the cafeteria, but at the same time it made the school seem squat and poor.

Now, this school—this school was extremely different. It looked like it was at least four stories high; it looked so brand new that it could have been built just yesterday. He stood there gaping up at the school and its people as they passed by, flashing him strange looks and continuing on their walk towards their own classes. Amazed, he found himself eying the students, even more astonished that they were all wearing school uniforms. He was so use to other students at his old school not normally wearing their uniforms that it seemed like a miracle to se othere students following the rules.

"Wow. . ."

It's like the school that I've always dreamed of, he thought as he eyes sparkled and everything around him seemed to turn into nothingness; this school is the greatest thing that I have ever seen in my whole entire—

His daydreaming was rudely interrupted when someone bumped carelessly into his shoulder. He winced, jerking to the side as he tightly held the area that had been hit. Grimacing, he took a moment to glare at the tall, strutting students that were walking pass him. Adymn figured that they were upperclassmen; he noticed the snobby, rude attitudes that had been so prevalent at his own school, and realized that upperclassmen were no different here. Through his glares, the one in the very back turned and looked over his shoulder—

Making complete eye contact.

Adymn blinked and then swallowed, a sudden lump in his throat. His face began to become slightly wet, realizing that he just had been glaring evilly at someone who most likely had the power to pick him up, throw him aside, and beat him to a bloody pulp. I need to watch myself. This is the city; city people don't play around. Nervously, he adjusted his glasses and averted his gaze elsewhere in hopes that the guy would continue walking and completely forget about the little sophomore had just "intimitated" him.

Play it cool.

Just play it cool. . .

He gazed at nothing in particular for a few minutes.

Okay, maybe he's stopped looking at me by now. . .

He turned—and was still met with the other boy's gaze. Things seemed to go completely still; the look that the guy was giving him seemed to send chills down his spine.

Yet, as Adymn was near turning around and scampering in another direction to avoid conflict, the guy gave him a strange, unreadable smirk as he rose a finger, gesturing toward him. Surprised, Adymn eyebrows perked up.

The last thing that he expected for the other guy to say was:

"You'll be my bitch."

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