Sidewalks scorching, bare feet burning on pavement,

Hot as a stove burner.

Sun beating down, on lawns and flowers and skin,

Sunburn, red and obvious.


Blue, clear, splashing.

Oceans, lakes, and swimming pools.

Dripping bathing suits,

Chlorine-filled hair, drying in waves and messy curls.

Ice Cream

Frozen, dripping,

Liquidating in harsh, visible heat.

Slipping through fingers onto the sidewalk,

Cones crunched and devoured

Summer Sounds

Crickets chirping,

Laughter from the lawns.

Bug spray-sprayers and backyard splashes,

Flip-flops slapping on the street.


Air cooling, less violent.

Sunlight dimming, less sharp and accusatory.

Iced tea toasts on lamp-lit porches,

Commencing the end of vacation.